I’ve Never Played Animal Crossing… But

Wow it has been quite some time since my last blog. As everyone is aware, the Corona Virus pandemic has pretty much caused everyone to reset and stay in their houses unless necessary to out. While this is unheard of in our era, I will say some silver linings are coming out of it. Personally, since I’m not going out, I have more time for past loves including video games and writing.  I purchased my very first Animal crossing game, the New Horizons version that released on the Switch last week and I’m hooked! Welcome to my progressive Animal Crossing series, where I’m learning to “Speak Geek” or in this case, speak the Nook’s language and experience Animal Crossing for the first time!

Normally I would write in chronological order, but as life doesn’t always happen the way we plan, I’ve decided to start with my version of the introduction into the Animal Crossing world.. My Social Distancing party!


Last night (March 25th) I decided that I wanted to through a party on my island and invite as many of my friends as I could. Quick prelude, 2 different sources raved about Animal Crossing to me, saying that this is the type of game I would love. My favorite genre of video games is strategy, RTS, shooters and lately, the progressive economy games like Stardew Valley and Tropico 6. With these games, and of course iconic Minecraft, being steady favorites of mine, My friends Carl and Jaysen showed me videos and released gameplay of New Horizons last year. It looked interesting but I wasn’t fully sold.

At my previous employer, my friend Adryan was asking me if I was getting Animal Crossing and upon me confirming interest, we had chats about the game leading up to the release date. Then the game dropped, I waited a day before making the purchase and logged in for my first adventure…

stop sign
Photo by Mwabonje on Pexels.com

!!!! But that’s a story for another day…

Today I decided to take my modest island and prepare it for a party with as many friends as I could get on! The before and after of my Island is a surreal sight, but I grinded Bells and tasks to procure as many items as I could. Once the assets were obtained, all that was left was decorating. I enjoy art and aesthetics very much, but that is not my forte at ALL! The decorating was the part that gave me a panic attack lol. I can scavenge and find supplies all day, but putting them together for a pleasing look, had my thumbs twiddling the entire time. Here is the finished product.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself. After some mild promoting, I opened my gates and awaited my first guest. Paula came through like a champ as my first island guest. Each guest received a party popper and a gift or joyous dance. One after another, visitors flew in to enjoy the party and meet other Animal Crossing fanatics. Net fights, plenty of group pictures and exploring were themes that shaped the night. Want to see more pictures of my friend’s AC life? Follow @Verden_Crossing and for me follow @Eclipse_Crossing on Instagram! He took many pictures around my island and I wouldn’t be surprised if they go up shortly.

The party lasted about an hour and 45 minutes with my friends playing with each other and shaking me down for bells. Aren’t you supposed to bring something to the party, not take things out??? Everyone signed my board and it made for a great night with great friends. This was my first big session with more than 1 player and I enjoyed every moment (there’s even talks of us setting up a music night)! While we are limited from large gatherings, Animal Crossing came out just in time to allow me that social interaction that I crave.

It’s time to speak geek on throwing an Animal Crossing party! This is the section of the posts where I list my tips and what I’ve learned. Feel free to add tips and suggestions in the comments.

  • Make sure you have enough seating!  – Rushing around chopping down wood for chairs and tables is exhausting
  • Have a gift for your visitors! – The Party Poppers were 100 bells and I purchased 10 to make sure everyone could have 1
  • Set up photo ops! – This is something I didn’t do, but noticed everyone was taking pictures and posing
  • Party Games are a thing! – We pretty much played tag which involved chasing each other with nets and swatting each others heads lol
  • Make sure your furniture is placed correctly – I hit a whomp whomp whompppp on tis one. The stereo I built wouldn’t work and my friend pointed out that I had it facing the wrong direction. Once people are on your island, you can no longer place or move items
  • Have party favors! – And by favors, make sure your trees and resources are stocked. Everyone loves to take home a plate 😉
  • Collect autographs! – Before your guests leave, encourage them to sign your bulletin board and don’t read until the party is over. It immortalizes the night.


And that ladies, gentlemen and animals alike was my first milestone in Animal Crossing. Thank you for taking this journey with me and let me know if you have thrown or plan to throw a party? What are you working on in your island. Let’s cross paths!

party-Luna 😀


  1. I’m loving the social aspect! I’ve never had this much fun with an AC game before 🙂 Each play session leaves me feeling happier than when I started. It’s a wonderful game!

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