Gamers House Elimination Week 5!

Happy Friday Players! We have 2 more episodes left until we crown our Video Game Champion! This week, we embarked on a Team Dining episode where teams were chosen and the group had to make a dish grand enough to receive a vote from the Goombas and Malboros! After a great team selection, Team Sonya came out on top leaving all of Team Nemesis up for elimination. This week the voting was done all on Twitter to save your favorite characters. The bottom 2 going home are….


Shadow and Nemesis!

Thank you for joining this season of Gamers House and we hope to see you in the future. This leaves 10 Players left! With so many competitors left in the competition, next week we will have multiple eliminations during the week and multiple challenges after the Episode. Your votes will count like never before as we will have 3 elimination next week where at least 2 Players will be cut! Who will make it to the Final Four?


The contestants remaining are: Lightning, Peach, Snake, Zelda, Marcus Fenix, Sonya Blade, Bowser, Spyro, Jensen and Peppy!


As the competition comes to a close the elimination and episode posts will become smaller. Our Producers are taking the weekend off to prepare for the next stage of the competition. Two weeks from today, November 9th, a champion will be crowned. Tune in Monday for the next episode and enjoy your weekend!

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