Pilot Episode Pt.1 : New Princess In Town!

Masterchief:  master-chief-square-542x542-f4aa513845bc4582a501100cc5550b48

Hmm… I’m the first to arrive. I guess the rest of the field doesn’t value being on time. If this is their level of effort on the first day, I’m sure I can make it to the finale. This Castle is nice. Hyrule is just another land that I have saved while fighting off the covenant, the flood and any other species threatening Earth. I guess this sign means I should get to the ballroom.


Mastechief walks through the foyer into the ballroom cleverly marked “CONTESTANTS MEET HERE.” He passes a box of oranges that seem displaced and open the 2 giant doors to take his seat. Shortly after his arrival, other famed video game characters entered into Hyrule Mansion all with the eagerness to prove that they are the best video game character of all time.


The room is crowded as the contestants look each other over and engage in conversation about the video games each character comes from.


*Cue the host*

prof oak

Welcome Contestants to Hyrule Castle and week 1 of the Video Game Reality House! This competition will be one of social prowess and competitive spirit. The large 70 inch tv that we had installed shows Professor Oak from Pokemon!

I’m sorry I am unable to greet you in person but being a Professor and connoisseur of knowledge doesn’t take me far from my laboratory. No worries. I will be happy to explain and host all of your events. I see that you all have gotten a chance to know each other, but I do need to go over some house rules.

  1. No Weapons – ClapTrap be a good ole boy and collect the weapons that our friends Masterchief, Marcus, Duke and all other contestants have on them
  2. You cannot leave the castle grounds without permission
  3. All communication with the outside world is prohibited


Please hand over all weapons


After a daunting list of rules and regulations, the Prof seemed perplex.


“We seemed to be missing someone…”


Bowser and his friend Spyro burst into the room. They take their place towards the middle of teh room where the moonlight seems to hit like a spotlight.


Well This is Heating Up!


“You can’t start the festivities without us!” Bowser huffs


The rest of the room seemed intimidated for a moment but then Marcus Fenix broke the silence.


“You should really be on time. For an overgrown turtle, you really live up to your predisposition. I hope you’re not this slow if we have a race, surely you will fail and be eliminated on the spot.” Marcus takes a giant drag of his cigar.


“Why you fool. Do you have any idea who I am? I am King Koopa and the most fearsome creature…”


“Oh I forgot a rule. No smoking Mr Fenix. We’re going to need you to put that out.” Professor Oak interrupts.


“I don’t have a problem with that. But hot head over her will likely need a reminder.” Marcus flicks his cigar towards Bowser before it is incinerated by Spyro. Looks like those 2 are in for a rivalry.


During the debate Duke notices another box of oranges in the back of the room.


“Looks like we have a shy one guys.” He picks up an apple from the fruit bowl in the center of the dining table and tosses it with force at the box. The apple explodes on contact after tilting the box and revealing the combat boots of another competitor.


“That’s not nice.” The voice calls beneath the box. Solid Snake stands up and tosses the box aside. “You’ve blown my cover.” He wipes off his shoulders and pulls a redwood chair from the dining table. Turning the chair backwards Snake sits and joins in the competition. Duke smirks and signals for Professor Oak to continue.


“Tomorrow will be the first Event and 4 characters will be up for elimination at the end of the week. You will need to…”


“I’m here!” Princess Peach enters the room with the scent of roses and perfume trailing her. She’s in a traditional pink Ballgown that cascades onto the floor and her assistant Toad is right behind her with can only be described as a mountain of luggage.


“Ahh Princess, I’d wondered where you got to. Our cameras show you checking in well over an hour ago.”


“I have to make an entrance of course. If you’re the first to the party then you are not that important.” she smiles.  “Would anyone offer me a seat?” peach 3


The entire cast of men jump out of their seat and start offering their seats as if they were selling real estate to the Princess.


“I have the couch which is nice and comfy for her highness” “ I have a chair that’s closest to the fireplace.” The room echoed on until the last contestant entered the room…


The attention on the Princess quickly shifted when her competition walked in wearing an elegant purple and blue mesh dress. Her crown sat atop of her head and her elven ears stuck out just enough.


Were you surprised?


Ah the final contestant. Everyone please welcome Princess Zelda!”

The jaw of Peach dropped as she realized Zelda was the anonymous entry into the house. How she is not the only royalty in the contest and how her game plan needed to shift to compete.

“As I was saying. Tomorrow you will compete in your first event so better get some rest.”


Day #1


With everyone gathered on the front lawn of Hyrule Castle, the bot ClapTrap begins handing out maps.


Prof Oak:  oak “You will need to match up with your coordinating partners. 3 Captains will be appointed and  they will pick their desired team. Today’s challenge will test your teamwork and problem solving skills. It’s a Scavenger Hunt of sorts!” The teams will be Red, Blue, and Purple! Your task is to select a team captain and capture the objective. But this isn’t a normal scavenger hunt. Each of you will be finding items that link up to a puzzle. Solve each puzzle to move on to the next part of the event. There are 3 checkpoints in this race with the last obstacle being finding and returning the target. Once you have completed the last puzzle, it’s a race to capture the target and bring it back to the finish line here. The team to successfully capture the target and return here wins!”


A Win in this challenge provides immunity for the entire team and the team captain will be crowned MVP. The MVP gets access to perks to use throughout the game that will be explained during elimination on Friday. Now pick your teams!



  • Red Team – Turok, Aloy, Duke Nukem, Orchid, Zelda, Diddy  Captain is Turok! Turok
  • Blue Team – Nemesis, Kratos, Solid Snake, Lightning, Peach, Shadow  Captain: Kratos Kratos3b
  • Purple Team – Masterchief, Marcus Fenix, Jensen, Spyro, Sonya, Peppy  Captain: Masterchief  masterchief


“Now that you’re sorted into your teams, take a map and come up with a strategy. The time will start in 5 minutes!”


Duke: Yo, what ever happened to that overgrown turtle?


Turok: We have no time for that. We want to get a win. I picked this team because we all have experience with the wilderness. We should be able to track and catch the prey at the end quicker than any other team. Our downfall may be the puzzles themselves but I can’t imagine they will be too hard to figure out.


Blue Team:

Kratos: I built the team around strength whether that’s physical or strength of character. I doubt this will be all scavenging and we may need to lift or perform tasks. Nemesis will be a braun, how do you feel about that sir?


Nemesis: Starssssss….


Kratos: That’s the spirit. Reach for the stars everyone


Lightning: I don’t think that’s what he meant. *Peach Snickers*


Purple Team:

Masterchief: Most of us have helped saved the world which was the basis in selecting my team. We all have the courage, the brains and the endurance to persevere and that’s exactly what is needed to win this scavenger hunt. Spyro, I want you to take lead and scout out the area around us. Any heads up on the challenges that we are to face would be invaluable.


The purple dragon didn’t speak but nodded in agreement.


Contestants are you ready… set… go!


And they’re off! Lakitu and I are tasked with following the action to bring to you. Each team had their own set of cameras following them with microphones attached.


I’m personally following the Purple Team, but I have visuals on the other contestants with my Ipad.


Spyro lunges into the air and flys ahead on his scouting mission.


Peppy: Never Give Up. Trust Your Instincts


The Purple team have some fit athletes. Jensen and Sonyan take off running, seemingly racing each other while Marcus and Masterchief follow quickly behind with their equipment clanking in the air. Oh and Peppy… Well he’s somehow keeping up.


Spyro returns before long.


Peppy: Do a barrel roll!


Ignoring his senile teammate, Spyro points in a direction off the beaten path. Maybe it’s a shortcut, but the team halts in bewilderment.


Marcus: Well don’t sit on your butts, let’s get a move on. Obviously this is the best path to the first objective or the little dragon wouldn’t point it out. Pull up your diapers and let’s go. I have no intention of losing the first challenge.


Marcus takes the lead into the swampy area with his team promptly behind him.

The Blue Team is making a run for it with Nemesis and Lightning clearing the brush ahead. Shadow, Kratos and Snake push ahed of the pack with their speed and maneuvering to make headway but it looks as though the team has gotten lost.

I take a look at my tablet to see that the first team has reached the checkpoint. The Red team captained by Turok has arrived. No doubt the team cooperated together to use their tracking skills to reach the checkpoint. The challenge is an obstacle course straight out of American Ninja Warrior where a gold key hangs at the end of the course. Zelda reads the rules.  Contestants must run through a maze of challenges to reach the finish line. Once each member of the team has completed the challenge, the key can be collected and they can continue to the next checkpoint.

The first part of the course requires conpetitors to traverse a balance beam, once across there is a 10 ft wall that needs to be scaled. At the top of the wall, teams will make their way across a trapeze wire and jump into a lake. Each team must then get each team member across the water and once they do, they can retrieve the golden key. How well does each character know each other? What strengths will prevail here? With a lead on the competition will the Red Team claim the first victory?


Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of the first Episode!

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