Blogger Blitzers Unite: An Ian Appreciation Post!

Congratulations to the Finalists and the Winner of the 2nd Blogger Blitz Competition! You can read the final results by clicking here!

There are some people who come into your life and make it better. They bring out the best in you. Ian from Adventure Rules is one of those people. Last year he challenged the blogging community to participate in a Community Event known as the Blogger Blitz. As the 2nd Blogger Blitz comes to a close, I wanted to show appreciation by saying how much this event has helped me in blogging. Ian puts his heart and soul into making this event special with the drawings, the brainstorming for events and the way that he promotes each blogger in the competition. It’s admirable to see someone put so much effort into a project that lasts over a month. To have his dedication as strong at the end of the event as it was at the beginning is something that I hope to achieve and learn from. It may not be obvious to him, but Ian has helped cultivate the Video Game Blogging Community!

Personal Impact:

Last year I entered the competition with my character the Joker in a Matchmaking challenge to find love against Link who was sponsored by Teri at Sheikah Plate.

Great Drawing Ian!

Although I lost in the first round, the experience and passion for my writing burned inside of me and allowed me to start an idea that I had mulling over in my brain for a few months prior. I was able to finally define and initiate my Memoirs of A Villain post. If not for Ian’s event, I may not have ever started the Villains post speaking out on the injustice against Villains in the world!

Not only was I able to participate and meet awesome bloggers, I was also able to test my first person writing style. This was important because I participated in NaNoWriMo last year and my novel is written entirely in first person. I was struggling with the writing style and Ian’s event allowed me to practice.

I am hosting my own Community Event with the Video Game Reality House that starts Monday 10/1/18. I thank Ian because I was able to fully develop this idea based on his progressions with the Blogger Blitz. His guidance allowed a spark of an idea to flourish into a full fledged event that I hope goes over as well as his Blogger Blitz.


Community Impact:

Ian works extremely hard on bringing the Blogger Blitz to the Community of Bloggers and his dedication allows us to have fun and do what we love best. In last year’s competition I recall bloggers saying that they’re shy with their writing and didn’t have much confidence. The feedback that they’ve received from the competition helped reinforce their choices to write and know that they are worth the read.

This year one of last year’s  judges Chris from OverthinkerY, placed his hat in the ring and was on the other side. He has first hand experience on the judges and competitors point of view. His champion Master Xehanort was exquisite this season and he posted in interview formats that were a first in the competition. Chris wrote with passion to honor the event and he did justice to his character.  tumblr_njpf0grVvU1tob1xvo1_r1_500

Ian would always post comments on the competitors submissions with kind words of encouragement. He appreciated ever person that took time out to compete, judge and read the blitz posts.

This month he is also the star blogger for Later Level’s Question of the Month! His prompt challenges gamers again by proposing the question of creating the ultimate video game using 4 games that have already been released. You will want to pick each game for Storytelling, Visuals, Game-play and Music and compile an Ultimate Video Game! You can participate in his challenge here!


Thank you Ian for all that you do to help improve and push the boundaries of the blogging community. If you have not had a chance to follow or read the Adventure Rules blog, you’re missing out.

Want to read more gushing appreciation posts about Ian? Look below (Guess you’ve created another community event without event knowing Ian, you’re amazing!)



Thank you for Ian all that you do and thank you to everyone in the blogging community! Enjoy your weekend!


-Luna 🙂

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  1. Luna, thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that participating in the event helped you to refine your style, and your Memoirs of a Villain are certainly excellent posts. I’m also really glad to see your own community event starting up – one of my hopes with Blogger Blitz was to see other people begin to create similar events of their own and for the whole community to embrace the creative spirit together, and you’ve done it with gusto!

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