30 Day Anime Challenge Responses: Days 1-6!

Happy Thursday Novas! Megan over at A Geeky Gal Blog has started an awesome 30 day Anime Challenge and today marks the start! While I love anime, I’m not going to be able to participate in the entire 30 days, but I will answer questions throughout the month. You can read the full rules by clicking here! This week I have answered questions 1-7.

  • Day 1 – What was your very first anime? My very first anime that I ever watched was either Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha ( I can’t remember which one). I remember watching on Cartoon Network at night during their Toonami programming when multiple anime shows would air around 10pm. I want to say I was in 10th grade in High School when I first discovered anime.


  • Day 2 – Who was your first anime crush? Inuyasha and Koga were my first crushes in an anime, but I want to cheat and say that my FAVORITE crush from Inuyasha is his older brother Sesshomaru. I loved his character and pay homage to him in my Memoirs of A Villains post.


  • Day 3 – Do you prefer Subs or Dubs? I am one of the lazy people who prefer Dub. I know there’s been debate about the voices and how they sound in the dubbed version versus he subbed version, but I just prefer enjoying the show without having to read the subtitles. With that said, there are a few anime shows that I have to read the subtitles to because the later seasons are not available as dubs and that’s fine too.


  • Day 4 – What anime deserves more love? I really enjoy School Rumble and I think it’s probably my favorite of all the anime shows I have watched.

school rumble

  • Day 5 – What is your guilty pleasure anime? Again, School Rumble lol.


  • Day 6 – What anime recommendation have you tried this year? Currently, I am watching an anime called Food Wars that was recommended to me back in August. food wars I am loving the show so far. It follows Soma Yukihira who is the 2nd best chef at his family’s restaurant Yukihira Eatery. His father Joichiro is the best and Soma constantly tries to beat his father with no luck. When his father sends him to cooking school, Soma realizes that there’s more to his dad and his past. The cooking school is elite and all conflicts are settled with a cook off known as Food War. It’s a really great show (although a bit disturbing at some points).


Those are my first 6 answers to the 30 day Anime Challenge. What are your responses? Which anime shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk anime!

– Luna 🙂




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