GamersUnitedGG Patreon, Pt 2!

Happy Wednesday Players and thank you for tuning into today’s post. So we started a Patreon in October of last year. Patreon allows creators to receive backing from the community to support their creative efforts. In return, the Patrons that pledge will receive a few perks as a thank you for the help and support. I haven’t been using my Patreon or promoting it really at all this year because it was not successful, but now I’m back with a new passion and realization that it wasn’t truly successful because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!


I’m a fairly impulsive person and I jumped into Patreon without doing my research and really evaluating how this platform could help the blog. So you know what I did yesterday… I researched! I read other creators tier programs and what they were ultimately using Patreon for. I’m now properly able to launch my Patreon and the Tiers I have set are focused on the blog and being a gamer (rather then the writing tiers I originally started with).

So what does this mean…..

I’m ready to re-launch the Patreon page today with a focus on gaming and providing quality blog content. The Tiers are updated and my Goals are clear.


This is also a way to show how I come up with the different posts and topics. Right now, any pledge will bring access to my “Inside the Mind of A Villain!” audio where I talk about creating the Memoirs of A Villain posts. This week I will also release a snippet of  my book which is in the process of being published.



Why Start A Patreon?

My intention is to be able to provide more quality posts and grow the blog into a blogging and gaming society. I want gamers to have access to a private Discord server where we can chat and also bounce blogging ideas off of each other. We can also play games together and fully take advantage of the community of gamers just like us.

The Patreon Page is officially Re-Launched and there will be a mention of our Patreon at the bottom of each post going forward. If you would like to help us out on this journey, feel free to donate any amount to the cause.

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Are you currently working on a Patreon? What are your goals for the year? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

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