Xsanie’s Art Corner Bio!

Hi, my name is Stephanie, but online I go by Xsanie.

Welcome to my art corner!

Here I will be uploading my work whenever I finish a project or shall I say Luna will be uploading my work XD Thanks in advance Luna. I’m originally from New Jersey now Living in a small town in Illinois.

I have always loved art and drawing since I was a kid. It has been sort of an escape from the darkness I deal with on daily basis. I wanted to be an artist, a art teacher, or a video game designer. But that didn’t happen so I thought my dream had died.At the end of the day I still love art, so I feel now that as long as you love something enough the dream keeps going.

I decided that even though I felt my art wasn’t good enough I needed to get over myself and my fears, I needed to share my art with the world . My art is a reflection of my mind and emotions I mostly draw what I feel that being sad, happy, excited, angry, or whatever emotion I am feeling at the time.

I sometimes do draw what I see but it’s usually something I really really like. Through my art I would like to share those thoughts and feelings.In time I hope that someone can relate and know that they are not alone.That we all struggle with our dreams and lives.We all have to find our light that helps us see even in our most darkest days.


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