Video Game World Cup Submission!

Power up Players for the Video Game World Cup event hosted by Pix1001 over at Shoot the Rookie! Pix looks to create the best video game soccer team to compete against the best athletes and teams competing in the World Cup. I’m not an expert in soccer by any means, but I did play for a season in 10th grade. I’m selecting my characters based off of what I remember from those glorious days of playing Sweeper or Half-back. For official rules and to enter your characters, click here!


For my submission, I have selected 4 great characters that many may not have considered as great additions to the team. Let’s start off with one of my star players; Beat from Jet Set Radio!


In the Jet Set Radio games, Beat is the lead character who rollerblades around at ridiculous speeds. His agility, speed and reaction times can greatly assist in scoring. I would put Beat at the Forward or Half-Back Position. Beat This way he can play defense or offense using his speed. Beat has tremendous Power, Above Average Technique and Outstanding Graffitti skills (I mean in case he has to tag someone lol).

My second star player shouldn’t be much of a surprise; Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2.


Shadow is a great pick for his speed, sick moves and determined attitude. Just like with Beat, Shadow would do well as a Forward or Half-Back as he’s not likely to shy away from a rough battle with an opponent. Shadow can also hone the power of a Chaos Emerald to increase all of his abilities and senses. With Shadow, he can out maneuver players, slide through opponents and quickly shift gears to score the goal. Did I mention that Shadow can keep up with Sonic? shadow1


We need a great Sweeper to play defense and help out the goalie. My sweeper would be Crash Bandicoot!


Why, you may ask? Remember Crash is use to jumping, sliding and spinning his way through different terrains and obstacles. Crash can use these abilities to block the ball when players are taking a shot at the goal. Even better, Beat can graffiti the soccer ball as one of the fruits from the Crash series and Crash’s motivation will be amplified.  It’s full proof! Crash is an excellent sweeper and will greatly help out the only character that I would have in the goal… I’ll give you a hint… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


My goalie is none other than the King Koopa himself… BOWSER! Bowser1

Tell me Bowser wouldn’t be a great goalie? He takes up most of the goal by size alone, he can roar loud enough to change the direction of the ball and have you seen Bowser in Mario Tennis? This big Koopa has moves! He can dive, scratch and claw his way to protecting the goal at all costs. In a shootout situation, Bowser’s intimidation techniques alone will send the soccer players running for the hills. Bowser His corner kicks will reach the other side of the field where Shadow and Beat can capitalize and score the goal.

I think I have put together a great team of characters for Pix to choose from! Do you agree with my picks? Who would you choose? Feel free to participate in the comments and write your own submission post to the contest. Pix is accepting submissions up until July 10th!


-Luna 🙂


  1. Awesome picks! Crash in particular, inspired choice 😁 the goalkeeper competition is definitely heating up! Can’t wait to see how Pix resolves it

  2. Awesome picks, thank you so much for taking part 😀 someone else has suggested Sonic so I’m looking forward to seeing how him and Shadow can work together in the same team!

  3. I didn’t sign up to participate, but I love your crew.

    Mine would be below:

    Lucio (Overwatch): I mean, he already plays Lucio Ball, which is basically just a more exciting version of soccer. Extremely quick, mobile, and can skate on walls while creating sick beats. What isn’t to like?

    Donkey Kong (All the Stuff) : He would be a stellar goalie, with his imposing size and his ability to swing around the goal, using both hands and feet to block. He would also make a fantastic bruiser.

    Rikimaru (Tenchu): Who doesn’t want a bad ass ninja on their team? Fast, agile, and the ability to do Ninjitsu tricks.

    Kratos (God of War): I’m pretty sure the other team would just leave the field if they knew what was good for them.

    1. Chun Li is a great pick! I didn’t even think about her. She could do the helicopter kick to confuse the goalie or her fast strikes. Great response!

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