Blogger Blitz: Black Sheep – Sign Up for a Competitive Blogging Event!

Calling All Bloggers, Calling All Bloggers! Adventure Rules is holding their 2nd Blogger Blitz competition and this time, the video game villains are ready to participate! This was a great experience last year and helped me launch my Memoirs of A Villain Posts! I encourage all bloggers to participate as a competitor or judge. Take a look at the rules below and goodluck!

Adventure Rules

Greetings, fight fans, and welcome to the sign-ups for the second annual Blogger Blitz competition. This year is all about changing things up from the original Blogger Blitz. Like infamous sequels such as Super Mario Bros 2, The Adventures of Link, Fire Emblem Gaiden, and more, we’re changing the game from the formula that put the competition on the map in the first place. As such, this year’s tournament is subtitled Black Sheep. This week, we’re gathering together the bloggers who wish to become a part of Black Sheep and make it a reality.

Here are the basics. Blogger Blitz is a single-elimination tournament where eight competitors (or possibly eight pairs of competitors) will sponsor a character from a video game, specifically a villain. Black Sheep is all about the bad guys! These villains will then compete in wacky events, events that this year were designed based on

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