Video Game Challenge: Day 9 &10

Happy Sunday and E3 Day Players! This weekend is going to be busy so I am combining the questions for Days 9 & 10!

Day 9: What is your favorite childhood video game title?

super mario

I guess this question is based on what age I consider my childhood. I remember countless times playing Super Mario Brothers with my brother and having a great time. It’s the only game that I felt confident in playing as a child. With Super Mario Bros my brother and I would pick either Mario and Luigi and then take turns trying to beat each level. I was a sneak and when my brother would leave the room to use the restroom or get food I would play his level haha.

pokemon snap

If we move to middle school I would probably pick Pokemon Snap for the N64 as I played that game for HOURS trying to get great shots of Pokemon. Afterwards I would take my memory card to Blockbuster (remember them) and print out the photos as the Pokemon Snap Kiosk. There was and still is a fascination with taking pictures of Pokemon and looking for those secret locations and being semi-cruel and pushing Charmeleon into a lava pit so that he would evolve into Charizard haha, gasing the bushes to make bulbasaurs jump out… Now that I think about it, there were some sketchy situations with pokemon snap lol.


If I were thinking about the arcade, I would go with Galaga. This game is super addicting and when I visit arcades or places with old school arcade machines, I have to give Galaga at least 1 turn. In Galaga you are a spaceship that has to shoot the creatures and dodge projectiles. Each level the number of enemies and difficulty increases.

What are your favorite childhood games? Should we notify PETA about the Pokemon Snap Game? Let’s talk childhood favorites!


Day 10: What childhood video game would you recommend and why?



Yesterday we talked about the different childhood video games. If I had to recommend 1, I would recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This game was amazing in terms of the multiplayer action and stages that you had to go through. You could be in the sewers, on the streets or in Shredder’s lair tackling members of the Foot Clan, Mutants or Shredder himself. I loved the variation in the stages where you were walking, running or even skateboarding through the levels. All the while you had to dodge attacks, trample enemies and keep your health bar up by eating pizza slices.


Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 11: Which video game has the best memories?


Which childhood game would you recommend? Have you played the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the Super Nintendo? Let’s talk childhood games!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Haha I loved Pokemon Snap, but you’re so right about the sketchy things you gotta do to get some of the photos. I always felt like such a jerk in that game but I also really wanted those dang pics, so concussions and third degree burns all around! 😛

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