Video Game Challenge: Day 7, We’re Robbing A Bank!

Day 7: You’re in a Western video game and need to rob the bank, which video game character will be your partner?

Listen team… your mission should you choose to accept it is to assist me with robbing the bank! Upon successful completion we will split the take and go our separate ways. Are you in?


Sombra: I’m in.

Walugi: Waluigi’s the winner!


Yea, that sounds about right. My name is Luna and I’m a fugitive. I’m on the run from some very vile people who think that they are the only ones who can make the rules… AND BREAK THEM. But this story isn’t about me… it’s about the bank in Blackwater that is said to hold over 3 million dollars in cash and gold. The life of a fugitive is costly with our weapon repairs and need to always spend dough at the card tables. Link is one of the bounty hunters on to me and we must strike before he has a chance to stop us.

The Team: The upside of being an outlaw is that you can easily find others to help you rob a bank. I’ve found 2 great helpers: Sombra and Waluigi.


Sombra is an expert in stealth and hacking abilities. She will be able to get us into the safe undetected so that we can unload the cash. She’s pretty handy with a pistol in case we have a shootout with the Sherrif. Yes, I realize she’d probably be better at robbing a modern bank with her hacking abilities, but I still have faith in her with the Western bank!


Waluigi… well let’s face it… he’s the distraction. While Sombra and I are loading up the getaway vehicle, Waluigi will be tasked with watching the perimeter… then a cleverly planted alarm on his back pocket will sound forcing everyone to converge on his position. By the time Waluigi is captured, me and Sombra will be out of dodge and heading to safety. No worries, I will be sure to put some money on Waluigi’s jail account. I’m pretty sure his brother Wario will find a way to break him out anyway… I just really need a distraction haha.

Tomorrow’s Question:

Day 8: What’s your favorite video game pet?

Who would you use to rob a bank? How much time do you think Waluigi will be facing? Let’s talk partners in crime!


-Luna 🙂


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