Luna’s Rankings: Favorite Superheroes!

Happy Tuesday Novas and thank you for reading today’s Rankings Post! The Marvel Universe has been on fire lately with their box office hits and upcoming triumphs over the DC Universe. On Tuesdays I like to rank items from 5th until 1st on different topics and since Black Panther is releasing on DVD and Blu Ray today, I want to rank my favorite Superheroes  from 5th until 1st place!

#5 Thor –


Thor makes an appearance on my list because he’s flipping amazing. I love that he uses his hammer in combat. The hammer is versatile and allows him to fly, go super fast and pretty much knock out his enemies. Thor is a god and his full strength of lightning makes him super cool and worthy of the number 5 spot on my list. Thor Ragnarok is my favorite Thor movie to date. Read the review here!


#4 Black Widow –

black widow

Black Widow has always been a super cool character to me. I love a story about a hero who didn’t always start off saving the world. She has a very checkered past but she has decided to use her skills in a more helpful way which is awesome. Plus, she’s played by Scarlett Johansson in the Avenger movies, what more can you ask.


#3 Wonder Woman –

wonder woman

Before the Wonder Woman movie came out I would have not listed her as one of my top 5 favorite superheroes. Learning her story and delving more into her world has opened my eyes to the character. She’s strong, courageous and willing to follow her heart to help anyone in need. That’s the king of superhero we need!

#2 Black Panther –


Black Panther is another hero that was off my radar until the movie hit theaters in February. What I love about T’Challa is that he is a king that wants to help his people survive. He also embraces other cultures and wants to help fight to protect all people. His suit is cool, his movements are great and he has a great supporting cast of characters. You can check out the Spoiler Free Review of Black Panther here!


#1 Ironman –


Ironman has been my favorite superhero for as long as I remember. I love that his character is entirely plausible (you know, if you were a billionaire)/. Ok let’s be honest, most of the list (all of this list lol) is based on the portrayals in Hollywood. Tony Stark as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. Is a sarcastic, witty and intelligent character that I love watching. I’m not a Superman girl, not a Batman girl but Ironman is my man. Wonder what would happen if Batman met Ironman, check out their TKO Battle by clicking here!

Those are my top 5 superheroes, what are yours? Which Superhero movies are you looking forward to? Let’s talk heroes!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Great list, my fave 5 are below.

    5.) Nightcrawler- Blue skinned, priest, two swords, teleportation powers? Yes please.
    4.) Thor- I’ve always liked the idea of Thor and what he stood for, the movies obviously just made him even better.
    3.) Wolverine – Wolvie is one of the best superheroes logistically, because you can do anything to him. Makes for awesome fights.
    2.) Deadpool – I love comedy, and Deadpool combines two katanas, a sense of humor, and healing powers. What isn’t to love?
    1.) Spider-Man – Spidey just has so much heart, it is almost impossible not to love him. Super strong, agile, and quick witted, the web slinger is my number one.

    1. Thanks Daniel! Wolverine is an awesome pick! He almost made my list too. Thank you for commenting and reading!

  2. Awesome list! I’m so pumped about Black Panther coming out on Blu Ray/DVD. 😀 I missed my chance to see it in theaters which really bummed me out, so I can’t wait to finally get to see it! I’ve heard it’s amazing. <3

  3. Awesome list!
    Mine are

    1) Spiderman – super relatable and all round nice set of powers
    2) Batman – Worlds greatest detective, with awesome gadgets
    3) Deadpool – if I were ever to become a superhero, I’d probably be most like him. Especially with that mouth!
    4) The Flash – Has the super power I want!
    5) Captain America – He has grown on me since the Winter Soldier and won me over

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