WWE May Slamcrate: The Grandest Stage Unboxing!

Happy Friday Superstars! Thank you for tuning into this month’s WWE Slamcrate unboxing, featuring the theme: The Grandest Stage! In the last unboxing I mentioned that this crate would feature WWE SuperStars like Seth Rollins, Stone Cold Steve Austin and AJ Styles! Let’s see what we received in this Wrestlemania themed Crate (that actually came ino time this month lol)!

What I love about the Slam Crates is that you always received some notable items. The real value in the crates are the high quality T-shirts and figures. This month’s T featured my favorite wrestler of all time…AND THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE!

Because Stone Cold Said So!

I have already worn my Stone Cold T and I’m happy to add him to my collection of WWE shirts. Great job Lootcrate!

I give the shirt an A+ ranking!

To go along with apparel, we received the Phenomenal AJ Styles Socks! Not too shabby if I don’t say so myself lol. 20180503_101251.jpg I will probably keep these packaged for awhile until I visit my next Live WWE event. Then, I’m sure to break them out with the rest of my WWE attire.

I give the socks a B+ ranking!

Since we are still dressing, the next item received is this awesome Universal Title Fanny Pack!  20180503_101303.jpg If you remember last year’s unboxing (click here to view), we received the WWE World Title Fanny Pack and I used it during Wrestlemania. I remember being at the WWE Fan event and EVERYONE stopping me to ask where I bought the fanny pack. I was sad to tell them, that it was the Slamcrate, you couldn’t purchase one haha. I know the Slamcrate creatives tried to mask the high demand for these by creating the Universal title counterpart, but the novelty has already wore off for me.

I give the title a C+ Ranking!

My figure! This series of 4 WWE Superstars is named Statement Makers! We started with Sasha Banks, the Finn Balor and now my husband Seth Rollins takes his place on my display shelf.

There are 3 variations of the figure, so I’m super happy that I have received the gray and black version.

This one’s easy, I give the figure an A+++++++++++ Ranking lol.

Lastly we have the collectible pins. In the WWE Slamcrates, the pins have been titles in the WWE.  20180503_101310.jpg The new Tag titles are the star of this box and makes the final item in my crate. The Tag Titles are dope and I’m happy to add it to my collection.

I give the pin a B Ranking!


That’s this month’s crate! I can say that the number of items have seemed to dwindle down from the beginning, but we are receiving better quality items. This is not my favorite crate, but it was pretty decent and still worth the price just by the shirt and figure alone. Next month’s crate will feature the Braun Strowman figure that will complete my 2nd set of WWE Superstars! If you want to try this or any other lootcrates, click the link below to use my looter code for a discount!

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Do you receive any subscription crates? what’s your favorite item in my crate this month? Let’s talk Subscriptions and WWE!


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