SuperStar Shake Up Predictions & Thoughts!

Happy Monday SuperStars! Wrestlemania is the event in WWE where all SuperStars on the roster try to make a huge impact. Think the Super Bowl or NBA Finals but for Wrestlers. Last week I neglected to post mypredictions and a recap of teh event because I was just sooo excited and forgot to set aside time for the a great prediction post. In lieu of my poor planning, this weekend I’m going to post my predictions on what will happen during the SuperStar Shake Up on Monday and Tuesday!

What is a SuperStar Shake Up? – For the past 2 years, since the brands have split, Smackdown and Raw have essentially “Traded” WWE SuperStars from 1 brand to the other.

Why does this matter? – A SuperStar Shake Up is both best for business and best for the fans because:

  • We can see new potential match-ups, feuds and rivalries
  • It keeps viewing numbers up no both shows by providing different SuperStars (for example, I don’t really watch Smackdown but it Seth Rollins is traded to SD, I’ll be a faithful viewer every week lol)
  • Allows SuperStars to build a bigger fan base and widen their repotoir.


My Predictions For SuperStars coming to Monday Night Raw!

  1. The Usos –  usosThis is probably my biggest and most likely to happen prediction. Since the Usos have changed their persona and became a “Heel” team on SD Live, they’ve elevated their game and fan base. the Usos held the Smackdown Live Tag Title for most of the year and continues to put on a great show against their biggest rivals; The New Day! While their perormance is always one of my favorites, it’s stale and moving the tag team to Raw will  shake things up and provide great matches. I can see the Tag Team interrupting one of the matches in the Tag Team Elimination Tournament and continuing their successful heel turn through Monday nights.
  2. Naomi-   naomiSince Jimmy Uso and Naomi are married, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the ex- Smackdown Live Women’s Champion on the Monday nightshow. Other than the spousal reason, I feel that moving Naomi over is a great move for Raw’s Women divison. The one area where Monday Night Raw has lacked was the Women’s Division. Bringing a crowd favorite and top notch performer like Naomi to the show will hopefull breathe life back into the division on Raw. Plus with the bump of Ember Moon to the main roster, there’s bound to be great battles ahead and (fingers crossed) a Women’s Tag Team Title in the works!


My General Predictions!

The general predictions are things that I believe will happen, but I’m not sure which brand will reap the benefits.

  1. Riott Squad Vs Absolution!
  2. Bullet Club Supremacy Battle- The Phenomenal Vs The Extraordinary!
  3. The feud between Asuka and Charlotte will continue on one of the brands

My concerns:

  • Will the brands switch United States and Intercontinental Titles?

Those are my predictions for tonight’s SuperSatr Shake-Up! What do you think will happen? Who will be switching brands? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


  1. The shake up is also the only possible way for them to solve the Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn affair. They’ve written themselves into a corner with that one

  2. It seems like the IC and US titles go back and forth every year. But I think the shows need a shakeup. Especially Smackdown! Hopefully Rollins goes to Smackdown.

  3. I can see Mahal and Orton getting sent over to RAW with Naomi and the Usos since both had US and WWE title runs on Smackdown. I hope Rollins, Miz & The Bar get sent to SDL

  4. I love the idea of Rollins going to Smackdown to feud with AJ. But I think that won’t happen anytime soon, as AJ seems to have a program with heel Shinsuke first. And then there’s the possibility of Rollins/Ambrose, when he comes back from injury. Love me some heel Ambrose!

    I hope the Tag Team division on Raw gets more interesting….

    I see Braun moving to Smackdown as well,don’t think there’s anything left for him on Raw at the moment.

    Zayn & Owens are getting on my nerves. They can both leave, if you ask me… Don’t care about them anymore.

    Both rosters seem TOO full…

    1. Ughhh i dont qant rollins on sd but it looks inevitable at this point. But i do agree a feud with him and styles would be epic!!!!

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