WWE Slam Crate March ( Late) Unboxing!

Happy Saturday SuperStars! This past week was Wrestlemania 34 and to celebrate, I’ve finally received my Slam Crate to be unboxed! The past few crates have been arriving late, but it’s finally here and I couldn’t wait to open it!

Every Slam crate we looters receive a shirt worn by the WWE SuperStar that’s being featured. This month we have received the Bobby Roode Slam Crate Exclusive shirt and it was GLORIOUS!


There’s an exclusive figure inside of each month’s Slam Crate and each figure comes wth a corner of the ring. This series of 4 focuses on the “Statement Makers” and  Finn Balor in Demon Form was included with this month’s crate!

I really enjoy the new figures that are exclusively available with the Slam Crate and next month we have received a preview that my husband Seth Rollins will be the next figure in the set! Sasha Banks and Finn Balor, make room for The Architect, The Man, Monday Night Rollins!

The WWE Pin that we received in this crate was the United Kingdom Championship Belt. While I love the belts being the Pins of the crates, I wonder what will happen when we run out of belts? Maybe the crate will go back and start including old school belts like the Hardcore Championship. The UK Pin is one of my favorites out of all of the ones we have received. 20180322_212728.jpg

Remember the first crate of the year that included the WWE Planner? Well in this follw-up crate the Planner Stickers are included. The planner stickers are cool but I felt like they should’ve been included with the planner. What happened was a misprint of the planners and now we have double Sundays! So the stickers were created as an after thought to be able to cover up that mistake. 20180322_212744.jpg

A cool Macho Man Beanie and Scarf was in the crate which I won’t use that much (because I love in Florida and it’s HOTTTTT!) but I’m probably going to hang it somewhere on my wall. 20180322_212808.jpg

Next Month’s Theme is “The Grandest Stage” and features items from Stone Cold Steve Austin, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins! If you would like to  try out the WWE Slam Crates, feel free to use my looter code for a discount.  Click Here For Lootcrate Discount!20180322_212723.jpg

Those were my inclusions in the Slam Crate and I’ve really enjoyed everything this month. The quality of the shirts and figures adds up to the cost of the crate itself. Which items did you like? Did you watch Wrestlemania? Do you receive any subscription crates? Let’s Talk WWE and Subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂


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