Pokemon Go Week 4 Update!

Happy Wednesday Novas! Every Thursday I am currently posting my updates for the week, while playing Pokemon Go! This past week has been really well and although I didn’t go to Crane’s Roost as I normally do on Wednesday Mornings, there was plenty of activities for the week.

New Pokemon: The Hatching Marathon Event ended on Monday April 2nd. This mini-event allowed me to hatch quality and rare pokemon out of the 2 KM eggs. With the addition of the Super Incubators (I bought a bundle lol) I was able to hatch many eggs in 1 Km.

  • Hatched Pokemon – Chansey, Wingull, Feebas, Beldum, Bagon, Slakoth, Cyndaquil Smoochum and Porygon. I was bale to hatch other Pokemon but I already had them registered to my Pokedex.
  • Evolved – Magby into Magmar, Skitty into Delcatty and Meowth into a Persian
  • Best Catch– Smoochum! She’s soooo cute!
  • Strongest CP – 1342 Magmar


Research & Field Quests


It was exciting when the Research and Field Quests were released for the Pokemon Go game. One of the cooler parts of the research quests is the reward for a random wild Pokemon. I was able to fight Squirtle for my first one which ended up being my first Squirtle pokemon. I’ve completed 4 out of the 6 field research quests so far and I am on 3 out of 8 tasks on the Mythical Discovery quest. I hope to complete these quests within the next week.

Adventure: This week was a bit busy so I was unable to walk around with my friend to Pokestops. I was walking with my brother Kenny around my neighborhood to take over gyms and collect Pokestops. It was fun until my phone died and we had to walk back home smh.

Right now a new event the Kanto regino Pokemon celebration is going on. From now until April 17th, more Kanto Region Pokemon will appear!

This week was a bit slower but with the Mareep Community Event launching on Sunday April 15th, I expect to have a better update next week! Are you currently playing Pokemon Go? Which Pokemon are you currently searching for? Let’s talk Pokemon Go!

-Luna 🙂


  1. I’m looking forward to the Mareep event this weekend. I’m really enjoying the field and special research tasks, except the annoying ones I get like get 3 nice curveball throws in a row (I’m not that consistent or skilled with curveballs!). I was so excited to finish my first lot of stamps for the prize as it was new to me.

    1. I’m super excited! Did you see the influx of Kanto region Pokemon right now? Also, there’s another egg hatching event going on where 10km Pokemon will hatch out of 2.5 km eggs I believe. Soooo much fun!

      1. I know the influx of Kanto pokemon has been really good. Though I have an objective of catching 3 Pidgey or Murkrow and I haven’t seen any of them. All the Pidgey’s have gone into hiding at least where I am haha. I only have one 10k egg at the moment but always happy to have them hatch quicker.

      2. Now that you mention it… I havent seen any pidgey since the kanto invasion started haha. Im super excited for this weeks post because i have successfully completed the mareep event!

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