Luna’s Rankings: Olympics Edition!

Happy Tuesday Novas and power up players for this week’s rankings post! Every Tuesday I rank my top favorites from 5th place to 1st and ask for the community to rank their favorites. Right now we are in the middle of the 2018 Winter Olympics and it’s one of the events that I geek out about every 4 years. In honor of the Winter Olympics and the athletes that are competing, this week we will be ranking our top Winter Olympics Events!

But first, let’s review the Community Rankings from our last Ranking’s Post!

Topic: Most Anticipated Games of 2018

There was a tie after 3rd place so I will list the top 3 Community Rankings. They are Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Sea of Thieves!

My Favorite Winter Olympic Events

Moguls– Moguls is a skiing Olympic Sport that is scored based on technique, tricks and speed. The athletes ski down a hill that has bumps in them. They must traverse these bumps shifting from side to side and keeping their knees tight together until they approach 1 of 2 ramps. Each competitor will perform a trick off of the ramps and continue down the hill until the finish line. Moguls is fun to watch and seeing the different tricks pulled out is always entertaining.

Super Combined – The Super Combined event is another skiing event that consists of 2 parts, the downhill and the slaloms. Downhill looks super fun as the whole purpose is to be the fastest down the hill. You take sharp turns, jumps and all while trying to maintain or increase your speed. The second part of this race is the slalom where you most ski down the hill as fast as you can while hitting markers. If you miss any markers, a time penalty will be added to your total time. The fastest time combined from both events will will.

Snowboard Cross

snowboard cross gif

Snowboard Cross is a newer sport added to the Winter Olympics and is essentially a race. 4 athletes start at the line and race on snowboards through the course. First one to the finish line wins!

Half Pipe


This is the tricks section of the snowboard events. The rules are simple, go big, perform tricks and don’t fall! This is the event that Shaun White is known for winning and **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert** he won this year! This year was probably the best version of the event as all snowboarders were upping the ante and leaving it all on the pipe. We seen people go super big in air and we’ve seen back to back 1440’s. Half pipe is super fun and quick to watch.

Figure Skating –

figure skating

My number 1 event has to be figure skating. I’ve been watching since I was a kid because my grandmother would watch every season. I love the grace, the beauty, the artistry and of course the tricks.

Those are my rankings for my favorite winter olympic events, what are yours? Feel free to rank your top 5 olympic events in the comments. You can rank summer and winter events if you would like. Are you watching the olympics? What are your favorite events? Let’s talk Olympics!

-Luna 🙂



  1. I’m watching the Olympics too! In addition to your list, I like watching Skeleton, and strangely enough, bobsledding. The speed at which they which around that “track” is really something.

  2. Yay, love that post! I like watching almost everything, but I am especially excited about Biathlon, Ski Jumping, Figure Skating/Speed Skating and anything Snowboard^^ (Snowboard Cross, yes!)

    I am German, so I am very spoiled this year – I loved them winning the Gold medal in Figure Skating, SO emotional 🙂

    1. Everything has been really good this year. I like seeing new medal winners and the events have been a bit more competitive than I remember in the past 🙂

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