Black Panther Spoiler Free Movie Review!

Happy Sunday Novas and thank you for reading today’s movie review for Black Panther. When I seen this movie preview last year before Thor: Ragnarok, I knew that I would want to make plans to see this movie on opening weekend. Sit back and relax for the spoiler free Black Panther moview review!

Story: Black Panther is the story of the rise of T’Challa, son of the King of Wakanda, an African Nation that is technologically superior to the world. Wakanda is comprised of different tribes in Africa, who band together to keep the secret of their advances and most powerful resource, Vibranium from the outside world. For centuries, the lands of Wakanda have been hidden in plain sight and while the rest of the world views it as a 3rd world country, Wakanda has built a city that is far more superior than anyone else. As a member of the royal family, T’Challa uses the powers of the Black Panther to help fight crime and bring justice.


Following his rise to power, T’Challa faces and enemy that looks to destroy everything that his father has built. Can he be the leader that Wakanda needs to usher in a new century or will he be rivaled for his claim to the throne? The true test of Leadership and ruling is just around the corner.


Visuals & Sounds: Black Panther is a truly visually stunning movie. I remember the scene where T’Challa, his head general and his ex-girlfriend Nakita walked into an underground gambling house. This scene was beautiful with the use of bright oranges and reds, you can feel the atmosphere that they are walking into. The scenery when the cameras pan over Wakanda shows a breathtaking landscape and each tribe has their signature colors and cultural rituals.


Characters: There’s a great mix of characters in Black Panther and you may know most of the actors featured in this film. One of the most notable characters for me is the general Okoye played by Danai Gurira, you may know her as Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Okoye is probably my favorite character in the series. She represents strength, loyalty and a clear conscious when it comes to T’Challa. Other notable characters are Forest Whitaker, Angela Basset and Michael B. Jordan. All of the roles were played perfectly and I really enjoyed the differences in each character.


The main character T’Challa adorned many different looks that seem comparable to the African Culture. The style of the Wakanda people versus the style of the outside characters are portrayed very well.


Action: What I really loved about this movie was the believability. While Black Panther is a superhero, the aspects and fight scenes were not too far exaggerated. The integration of the Vibranium technology made for unique fight scenes and they were perfect in execution. This movie does not have action around every corner as it is more story driven, but when a fight scene appears, you better hold onto your hats.


Final Thoughts: If you couldn’t tell from the review of the movie elements, I really loved this movie. I think Black Panther is one of the best Marvel Movies that I have watched and it really makes me eager to see the new Avengers movie releasing later this year. From the costumes to the action to the story I think that Black Panther was really well done, albeit a bit lengthy. The movie runs about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I’m not the only one giving the movie a rave review. Rotten Tomatoes gives Black Panther a 97% rating. Check out the trailer below and if you’re looking for a great movie to watch, stop by your local theaters and watch Black Panther! Don’t forget to stick around after the credits 😉

This is the section of my reviews where I will list my top reasons to Play or Skip the film!


  • If you love Marvel Movies and want to stay in order before watching the new Avengers Movie.
  • A Great Superhero movie with a well developed story



  • The movie is pretty lengthy
  • Don’t skip, go watch! lol


-Luna 😀


  1. Black Panther was dope but I feel like it was a bit over hyped, it’s definitely one of the better marvel films to date and Killmonger is the best MCU villan (idk why some people say he’s better than Heath Ledger’s joker). Personally I think the movie could’ve been better espically with the accents as they were using different ones. The special effects were kinda suspect at times and they outright took some plot points right out of Thor Ragnarok. As a whole it was good but it still came off as a Marvel movie and not this Oscar contender people claim it too be. I’d say it’s a 8.5 and Marvel is a ways off from dropping a true gem.

    1. Yea the accents threw me off at some points but I think the hype was just right. Well from what I’ve seen for the movie. Don’t kill m but I still have watched that Batman movie yet lol. I think it’s really good from the marvel films that I’ve watched recently and I love that it’s a more unique and story driven movie. Embellishments were going to happen but the effects weren’t over done to me. Thanks for commenting! I can’t wait for avengers but I have to watch doctor strange before then rofl

      1. Outside of the political hype it was spot on. I recommend you watch the Dark Knight because it was fire. I was a bit surprised that they went with a more story driven approach as opposed to the typical more action than plot standard that seems to go with a lot of super hero films. I hope infinity war can out do Black Panther because that movie arguably has about as much if not t more hype around it.

  2. I wanna see it sooooo baaaaad!!! I’ve been too busy lately to get to go see it and it’s driving me nuts because I’ve been hearing that it is AMAZING! I’m glad you already got to see it and enjoyed it so much. That makes me even more excited to see it, knowing it has the Luna seal of approval. 😀

    1. It’s really good. So good that I went back to see it again haha. I hope that you get to see it soon if you have not already haha 🙂

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