WWE SlamCrate Unboxing: Like A Boss!

Happy Friday SuperStars and thanks for suplexing into today’s unboxing post. Like the last SlamCrate, this one was delayed (most likely due to the holidays) as I was supposed to receive it before the end of December. It just arrived in the mail on Tuesday.

Theme: Like A BOSS!


Roman Reigns T-Shirt –


The Big Dog, Roman Reigns adorns the shirt in this month’s crate and he is performing his signature Super Man Punch! Roman is “The Guy” in the WWE at the moment and it’s his yard. He is the boss of his own destiny and now with the backing of the newly reunited Shield, Roman is unstoppable!


Sasha Banks Slam Stars-

Sasha Banks is the “Legit Boss” as her moniker states and she is the exclusive figure in this month’s crate. Just like the last set of Slam Stars you will receive a corner of the ring with your figure that you can connect when you receive the other figures. Next month’s figure is Finn Balor in demon form so I’m super excited! Sasha starts the new “Statement” collection so I can’t wait to see the remaining figures! Also, the Boss is the first Woman Superstar to come as a figure in the crate.


NXT Championship Belt Pin –


Each crate there is an exclusive pin and this month the NXT Championship Belt is the one we received.


You Suck! Kurt Angle Coffee Mug –


We received a coffee mug from Kurt Angle and it bears the You Suck chant.


WWE 2018 Planner –


The planner is probably my favorite item even though I already bought one!!!! Had the crate arrived on time last month, I wouldn’t be currently trying to use 2 planners lol.


What’s inside –


This crate didn’t have many items, but I really enjoyed the quality of the items that are included. The poster included is Daniel Bryan during the YES movement and it’s going straight on my wall. We also have the interview with Bobby Roode in the pamphlet.

I was a bit disappointed that we did not receive the booklet that we normally get in the crates with more detailed information on other “Bosses” in the WWE. Hopefully, that was just an oversight and will be included in the next crate. We did receive a preview of the collectible to be included in next month’s crate…

Finn Balor!!!!

Do you receive any subscription services? What are you currently geeking out over? Which items did you like in the crate? Hopefully this will be the last of the month late crates lol. Let’s talk subscriptions!

-Luna 🙂



    1. I love them! The Slam Stars are a huge bonus to ordering the crates. I have Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Triple H and The Rock from the first series of these figures.

    1. Lol I love Roman Reigns and this is the first shitr that I have of his so I was happy. The entire box to me was really good this month. I can’t wait for teh next crate so that I can have the Finn Balor in Demon Form collectible!

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