Happy Sunday & Reminders!

Happy Sunday Novas! My few days off have been great and I’m now focused and ready to get back to blogging! Today’s post will be short and is a reminder of the Blogging Competition starting tomorrow as well as other exciting updates and announcements. I hope your day is going well and let’s get to it!

GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition – Tomorrow, January 8th, 2018 we will release the rules and the 1st week’s prompt for the blogging competition. This competition will have 3 Parts and will span over 3 weeks (1 writing prompt each week). The total points for each week will be tallied and the top 3 winners will receive prizes! I definitely encourage everyone to participate so feel free to spread the word!

YouTube –


It’s finally here! I have been preparing for the launch of the GamersUnitedGG YouTube channel and the first video will go up tomorrow afternoon! Currently, my schedule is to upload videos 2 times a week. I’m thinking of uploading videos on Mondays and Wednesdays! The first video will either be the Final Fantasy XIV Online gameplay or the card game Faeria!


Upcoming Posts:

  • Monday January 8th – Blogging Anniversary Post Competition
  • Tuesday January 9th – Luna’s Rankings Favorite Star Wars Movies
  • Wednesday January 10- Final Fantasy XIV Online First Impressions
  • Thursday January 11th – The Perfectly Imperfect Tag!
  • Friday January 12th – Hulu Series Review: Harlots
  • Saturday January 13th – Reminder of competition and YouTube Videos


What are you currently working on? Do you have any plans for this week in gaming, blogging or in general? Let’s talk!


-Luna 🙂


  1. You definitely got your stuff planned out far better than mine. At this point I got two first impression reviews for manga, a review of the Anime Two Car, and I’m thinking of starting a waufu war type thing.

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to stay ahead as much as possible. Many of the posts in this list are already typed up, I just have to add them to WordPress. I’ve never heard of Two Car so I’m interested in reading your review! Have a great Sunday!

      1. Thanks! I hit publish too soon so the video is alrady up lol. If you watch, let me know what changes I can make 🙂

  2. I seriously admire your organization skills and planning ahead! 😀 Lots of cool stuff to look forward to. That’s so awesome, too, about the youtube channel. Yay!

    1. Thank you. I have to organize or I will forget or never get around to it. I’m super happy because I bought a day organizer on Saturday and now I can plan and organize even better! How is 2018 going for you?

      1. Nice! I need to get one of those day organizers, too. I bet it would be really helpful. I’m constantly making to-do lists and updating my monthly goal board, but a daily organizer sounds like a great tool to use! 🙂
        My 2018 has been pretty good so far, thank you! <3 I've been reading a lot of good stuff and squeezing in writing time when I can. I'm definitely ready for winter to be over. lol That's my biggest complaint. Mostly because I hate driving in the winter. It's terrifying. How has your 2018 been so far?? 🙂 I hope it's been treating you well! <3

      2. It really has been helping lol. Man it was cold here in Florida for 2 weeks and I was dyingggg… I can only imagine actually having a full winter lol. But I will be visiting my friends in Illinois in 3 weeks so I’m prepared to be cold as it’s snowing up there Yikes! Will be my first time seeing snow though so I’m excited.

      3. Oh, wow! 😀 Your first time seeing snow?? How exciting! (Though, I warn you, it gets old fast when you have to scrape your car off and drive on icy, slushy roads, and dig your way out to your car and mailbox from your front door.) lol I hope you have an amazing time and stay as warm (and safe!) as possible on your trip to Illinois. <3

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