Happy Wednesday & A Week Off!

Happy Wednesday Novas! We are officially in 2018 and it’s time for the new year, new you attitudes! My personal goal is to be “better” than I was in 2017 in every aspect of my life. I want to set small attainable goals instead of trying to make 1 giant leap and crumble when I’m not seeing the instant perks or rewards. With that said, as much as I want to jump straight into all of the projects and activities I have been working on, I realize that I need to recharge and have some time to enjoy the new year and reflect on the changes that I would like to make.

Enter point of this blog post…..

GamersUnitedGG, well myself in particular will be taking a week (really 5 days) off from blogging. I have many posts, activities and ideas planned this month and I do not want to burn out. This will be my last blog post until Monday January 8th, where I will start blogging again along with some great announcements (most of which I have already spoiled in previous posts) and a blogging competition to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! The prize… A Mystery Box of gaming and geeky treasures! Make sure to come back Monday 11:30am EST to find out the details in this blogging challenge!

While I will not be blogging, I am planning on gaming and preparing other surprises for the month. I’m setting a schedule and I want to catch up on reading some blog posts as well. If you have a blog post that you would like for me to read, leave the link in the comments. Have a Happy New Year Plays, Novas and Superstars and cheers to a successful and fulfilling 2018 for all of us!

What are your current plans for the month and the year? Are you working on any projects? Let’s talk blogging!

-Luna 🙂


  1. My current plans are to play all the Assassin’s Creed games and to write more video game reviews, as I think I only wrote a total of two last year.

    1. Good luck! I haven’t played any Assassin’s creed games but I want to play black flag and origins for sure. I can’t wait to read them!

      1. Thanks! There are some Assassin’s Creed games I would advise you avoid playing first. I would suggest playing either AC2, Black Flag, Syndicate or Origins.

      2. Thanks! I think Black Flag will be the first! Oh and I got the bear! Santa Bear is mines and I love him soooo much hahaha. There’s another event running right now as well.

      3. Congratulations! I think out of all the mounts I’ve earnt Santa Bear is my favourite, so far. I’m going to do the Heavensturn event this weekend, it looks like it could be fun!

      4. Awesome! I haven’t started the event yet because I haven’t been home. I look to play it this week.

      5. I finished the event today and it didn’t take that long, particularly since I was in Limsa Lominsa to begin with.

  2. I’m changing my approach to blogging a bit this year in means of, like you said, not burning out. It’s a fun hobby but can be quite demanding.

    Gaming wise, for early 2018, I want to knock ME Andromeda out of the park and be done with that game.

    1. Exactly! I love blogging but I want to make sure that I’m putting out quality posts. So I need to make a schedule but before the work begins, I need a breather haha.

      Goodluck on Andromeda. I still have not played any ME games, despite having the first one on my dresser.

    1. Thanks Kim! It was great to clear my head but I have to admit I cheated and wrote a few posts. I was in the mood to write haha. How is your week going?

      1. Back at work today… I’d much rather be at home playing video games and writing posts! Ha ha ha

        Looking forward to reading the cheeky posts you created last week. 😉

      2. I did a gladiator fitness camp this morning and now I’m at work aching… I long to be home with my games as well lol :D. Hope your Monday is going well.

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