12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Video Game Soundtracks!

Happy Holidays Players! We are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with our blogging buddies over at Later Levels! This month we will all post answers to the questions in our Christmas Collaboration on select days! The rules are simple, post your response to the questions designated for each day and share the Holiday fun with the blog-o-sphere! Make sure to check out posts from our friends participating as well! Want to join in on the fun and spread your holiday cheer? Check out the rules here!

Today’s question is…

It’s now Christmas Eve and you’re throwing a lively party for all your friends, family and favorite characters. Which video game soundtracks would be on your playlist?

The very first video game song that would be on my playlist is City Escape from the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Game.

Sonic Wiki


Even though I have not played Kingdom Hearts, one song has stuck with me. The My Sanctuary song would most definitely be on my playlist.




I would add the Super Mario 64 Soundtrack for sure to my playlist. There were so many great songs included in that Nintendo 64 game! You can read my fascination with the Nintendo 64 by clicking here!




I love that some video games like the Lion King or Aladdin games have the music from the movies on the soundtrack. I remember playing as young Simba rummaging around Pride Rock while “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” played in the background. I would probably add soundtracks from those 2 games along with The Little Mermaid! From the current games I am playing Final Fantasy XIV (First Impressions Post coming soon) and they have a great soundtrack so far.

Hop aboard the gaming Polar Express Train and read the responses from the other gamers participating in the challenge!  The frosty snowmen and snowgals blogging with us today are:


Shoot The Rookie

Lightning Ellen

Those are some of the soundtracks that would make a cameo on my playlist! What songs would you add to this list? Do you remember any of these songs? Let’s talk video game soundtracks!

-Luna 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I haven’t heard simple and clean, but you’re not the only person to respond with that song. I will take a listen to it tonight. Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Great choices, personally I’d take Simple and Clean over sanctuary but all the songs in the KH franchise are fire. If I had to add a song or two then I’m gonna have to cheat and get songs from Watch Dogs 2. Those songs are Attak by Danny Brown and Bankrolls by Tate Kobang.

    1. Awesome and thanks! I haven’t played watch dogs 2 yet, but I will check out those songs. Thanks for stopping by for some Holiday fun!

  2. Nice choices! You made me wanna plug my Sega back in and play The Lion King and Aladdin again. 🙂
    These video game Christmas posts are bringing on the nostalgia big time. <3
    My boyfriend and I were listening to Christmas songs the other day and I made him look up and play the Freezeezy Peak level music from Banjo Kazooie because it always reminds me of Christmas. 😛

    1. Awww. Yeah, I’m sure there’s more gaming songs that would remind me of Christmas too. There’s a level on Snowboard kids 2 that was really awesome!

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