12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 Gamer Gifts!


Happy Holidays Players! This has been a great year of blogging and collaborations with the blogging community and we loved it so much that we jumped on board the Holiday Gaming Collaboration hosted by our friend Kim over at Later Levels! The rules are simple, post your response to the questions designated for each day and share the Holiday fun with the blog-o-sphere! Make sure to check out posts from our friends participating as well! The good little elves blogging with us are:

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 19 December 2017:   You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?

Remember my friend Emily from a few other blog posts (She Also Made The Featured Image!)?

She has become one of my best friends in the past year and something that we share is our love of video games! Shopping for a video game for Emily will consists of 3 crucial elements: Action, Gore and Zombies! Emily’s favorite games are ones where she has to battle through zombies, aliens or otherworldly beings with only her survival instincts and the resources that she can scavenge. I will be looking for something similar to Resident Evil, but since she buys every Resident Evil game in advance, I would want to select another title.

Something I would take into account is the scary factor of the game! Emily loves to be scared and if a “Horror” classified game doesn’t make her jump off of her cat food box (she doesn’t use a chair lol) it’s not worth playing for her. I would look online for reviews and indie games that are meant to be scary.

If I were picking out a video game today for Emily. I would choose… Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice or Dollhouse, both on PS4.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice:  hellblade  From the makers of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and DmC: Devil May Cry, comes a warrior’s brutal journey into myth and madness.Set in the Viking age, a broken Celtic warrior embarks on a haunting vision quest into Viking Hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover.

Dollhouse:  dollhouse  Dive deep into a sinister world with Dollhouse for PS4. Choose one of 14 characters and eviscerate or retain memories to build the game’s storyline, using its Anamorph features to see through the eyes of your stalker as you fight to stay alive. Influenced by 1950s film noir and packed with horror-themed elements, Dollhouse is both immersive and beautiful.

These 2 games stick out to me as perfect gifts. Hellblade is a great game that merges puzzles and action into a psychological thriller that Emily would get enjoyment out of. While Dollhouse takes on the creepy vibe of paranormal proportions! I believe she would love both of these games and get hours of enjoyment out of them!

Thank you for reading today’s Holiday Collaboration post! Don’t forget to check out our friend’s blogs each day to see if they have answered the question as well! Tomorrow we will talk about our Favorite Christmas Video Game Memory!  What video game would you choose for a friend and why? Let’s talk, gift giving!

-Luna 🙂


  1. Nice! I love your picks. I think Hellblade looks especially awesome. 🙂
    I got a few people video game related gifts this year (and pretty much every year). 😛 I have 2 friends who have a vast amiibo collection, so I got them some pretty cool stands to display them. I also got one a Fallout bobblehead and puzzle, the other a fancy Legend of Zelda wall scroll, and some other little goodies.

    1. Oooh great gifts! This year I actually bought Emily the fallout chess set. She’s going to love it. I want to start collecting amiibos with my pops so that may be a goal for 2018. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

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