Christmas Haiku Battle!

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

For this Haiku Battle, we decided to go with a Christmas/Holiday theme! As always, we would like you guys to vote on who had the best Haikus for this battle and leave the winners name in the comments below!


1. Who am I?

Underneath the tree

All the lights shine down on me

I am a present.


2. Cookies and Milk?

The oven is on

Santa’s cookies are baking

I forgot the milk..


xmasinfl3.  Florida XMAS

The sun is shining

My parents are in the pool

Christmas in Florida

(True story!)


4. Dessert. 

Pre-made Pumpkin Pie

Just like momma used to buy

Smothered in whipped cream.


5. A Kitty Christmaskittyxmas

Tinsel on the floor

It looked better over here

Time to scratch a gift

(Inspired by my fur baby JD.)




1. Thankfulsnowfall

Deck the Halls, Yes, please!

Snowflakes falling everywhere,

Giving thanks in prayer.


2. Christmas Time

Gingerbreads too sweet,

Marshmallows and Chocolate,

How Sleigh bells will ring.


singing.png3. Christmas Carolers

Carols on Christmas Eve

Laughing, Singing, Family time

Fa La La La La.



4. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Looking for a friend,

Building snowballs with a face,

Frosty has arrived!



5. Wrappingwrapping

Trying to wrap gifts,

Assorted wrapping paper,

Bow tie on the top!





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