WWE Survivor Series Recap!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the annual Survivor Series Payperview event where Smackdown Live takes on Monday night Raw to battle for the best brand! It has been another fantastic week of wrestling from Raw to Smackdown, to NXT to my WWE SlamCrate finally arriving (unboxing post coming this week) and now to the Survivor Series Event! I was really impressed with the event. So are you Team Raw or Team Smackdown Live? Let’s find out who took the night!

The Shield Versus The New Day – Survivor Series started out with a bang when the factions of The Shield took on the New Day. This match was really good with the New Day using their relax antics… well that is until they are hit hard by Roman Reigns. The crowd was mostly on the side of the Shield as expected, but the New Day started to focus and put up a great fight in the end.  177_SUR_11192017hm_1058--22e138cb4f6e3014f0cf5990f91d1eb7  This outcome wasn’t surprising to anyone. The New Day put up a great fight using their unorthodox style of wrestling. There was one move where Xavier Woods lifted Big E on his shoulders and Kofi Kingston jumped off of the top rope, over E and Woods onto Dean Ambrose, followed by a Splash from E onto Dean. It was a sick combination.


Results: The Shield reign supreme. Pinfall by triple powerbomb from the second rope. Yikes, Kofi, Yikes! Raw strikes first on the scoreboard with 1 win to Smackdown Live’s 0 wins.

Women’s 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match- The fatal 5 way was up next that put Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Natayla, Tamina, Naomi and Carmella ) against Team Raw ( Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka and Nia Jax). 186_SUR_11192017bb_0713--b1201e8428f961e32d101ff29cc18336 The women’s match was entertaining and the pep talk by Stephanie Mcmahon before the match definitely brought intensity to the Raw brand.


Results: Asuka is propelled forward as the victor by taking out both Natalya and Tamina. I think this dominance  is going to automatically put Asuka in the Women’s Championship picture. This win pouts Raw up 2 wins to Smackdown Live’s 0 wins.


United States Champion versus Intercontinental Champion– I didn’t pay too much attention to this match so we will get into the results.


Results: Baron Corbin wins by hitting Miz with the End of Days! This puts Smackdown Live on the board and the score is not Raw 2 wins, Smackdown Live 1 win.


Smackdown Tag Team Champions versus Raw Tag Team Championship – Champions Cesaro and Sheamus take on The Usos in a battle for tag team supremacy. The Bar were unsuspecting opponents as they used the distraction by the New Day to take the tag team titles from Dean and Seth. The Usos were the heavy favorites and they entered the ring talking about the different “Bars” that Sheamus and Cesaro represent.  256_SUR_11192017jg_2598--517c9a307653042be611f1c6d2675698 The Bar countered the Usos sly talking abilities with hard hitting moves and  dominated the beginning of the match. The Usos eventually found their sea legs and put up an equally impressive fight.


Results: The Usos win with a nice ending combination and tie up the score 2 Wins for Smackdown Live and 2 Wins for Raw!


Smackdown Women’s Champion versus Raw Women’s Champion – Alexa Bliss was set to take on Natalya until Charlotte won the Smackdown Women’s Championship match last Tuesday. This threw a wrench in the Goddess’ plan, but she came out ready to fight. 288_SUR_11192017hm_3175--5fd6317fbe3d1be71bfad546f84613cf Charlotte showed her technique and it was like watching David versus Goliath at one moment. Alexa Bliss held her own and she brought the intensity and mean streak that we are used to seeing.


Results: Charlotte wins by submission. Alex taps out to the figure 8. Smackdown takes the lead in the night for the first time and go up 3 wins to Raw’s 2 wins.


Universal Champion versus WWE Champion – Brock Lesner took on Aj Sytyles for the battle of the number 1 title in the WWE. Off rip Brock asserted his dominance and was literally tossing Styles around the ring. At one point, he grabbed AJ’s haig and dragged him to a corner.  After about 5 minutes of beating Aj Styles to a pulp, the daze started to wear off and Aj was able to counter with hard hitting moves of his own. 334_SUR_11192017hm_3778--bb70ba306e4d42e6e1e9a9c09e279250 I have to give credit to the WWE Universe as they stayed behind AJ the whole time!


Results: Brock catches AJ and hits him with the F5 to win by pinfall.


Men’s 5 on 5 Traditional  Survivor Series Match-  344_SUR_11192017hm_4114--f3913d40b9143d2190cb8ae756f2db0f The men’s 5 on 5 match saw Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Stroman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Triple H) take on Team Smackdown (Shane Mcmahon, Randy Orton, Nakamura, Bobby Roode and John Cena). Braun started the match and immediately showed that he was not messing around when he tossed Shane across the ring. Of course the pompous Shane quickly tagged himself out because, well he didn’t want that fight. Raw struck first with Nakamura going on a spree of knee strikes before running into a brick wall and being the first eliminated. This match seen awesome match-ups like Triple H & Bobby Roode  349_SUR_11192017jg_4665--139a6a7a068ac23c91c916b8bd1d6286 and the always fun Finn Balor and Nakamura!

The match was riddled with controversy from Samoa Joe tagging himself in and riling up his teammates, to Kevin Owens and Sami Zane coming out to attack Shane. The Game Triple H even got involved and helped Shane eliminate Kurt Angle.


Results: Team Raw wins with Triple H pedigreeing Shane after a controversial move. Team Raw takes the Survivor Series count 4 wins to Smackdown Live’s 3 wins. This year wasn’t a complete blowout like last year’s 6 wins to 1, but Raw still got it done.

Those are the results from last Night’s Survivor Series event! Did any of the match outcomes surprise you? Were you Team Raw or Team Smackdown? What do you think will happen on the respective shows’ fallout tonight and tomorrow? Are you seeing any potential rivalries starting? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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    1. Thank you. The main event could have been better and I thought the Shield and New Day match could have been better as well. Overall I was still happy with the event, #TeamRaw lol

      1. I was really disappointed when Nakamura went down first followed by Roode. It was a mess of a main event. Rest of the card was solid. I’m not a Shield fan so I wanted New Day to win lol.

      2. Yes I was wondering who would be the first person eliminated. Nakamura and Balor went out the same way. They started on a roll knocking out multiple Superstars and then they got hit with a finisher and instantly elimitaed.

      3. Yep. It was dumb. I think the older guys (Triple H, Angle, Shane) should have been eliminated first and let the younger guys show everyone what they can do because all of them are amazing superstars.

  1. I was disappointed in the main event as well.. Same reason – why are the part timers (apart from Braun) the last ones standing and why are the ones they should build up as the new stars, the first ones out?! Could have been Nakamura’s night. The fans were into him, that match could have made him.. Roode as well. Joe and Finn could have had more defining moments. I don’t remember anything they did. At least Nakamura had his moment.. Although it came way too soon.. It wasn’t supposed to be all about the McMahons/authority.. but now it is again.

    I actually only liked the AJ/Brock match, The Shield vs New Day and Usos vs the Bar. Damn, the Usos are so GOOD now! I found it surprising, that the fans were firmly behind the New Day a couple of times. Mostly when Roman was involved. It’s interesting to see, that even teaming him up with his former buddies doesn’t really get him over.

    I understand, I just don’t care about him. Dean and Seth on the other hand are awesome and I wish they were just a tag team 😀

    NXT was much,much better.

  2. Survivor Series was lit but the main event was kind of BS with the way Roode & Nakamura we’re treated with Strowman. It was good that they let the younger guys put in work on Cena, Strowman, Angle, etc but Roode and Nakamura got cheated out with Strowman. Just as they built up steam (especially Nakamura) a powerbomb has them eliminated.

      1. I was really happy. The Miz has been champion wayyy too long in my opinion. With him and Dean feuding at SD and then Raw, I was ready for a change. Admittedly, I would have preferred Finn Balor take the ticket, but hey Roman is a great option as well.

      2. Roman is a good option but it just cane out of nowhere, they could’ve built something up or even give the title to Rollins since he’s “the leader”. Then again Miz rarely defends his title and might not be around much since he’s supposed to host some show.

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