NXT Wargames Recap!

Happy Sunday Novas! Last night was the NXT Wargames event in Houston Texas. This is my first NXT Match that I have watched in awhile and it was so worth it. Some names ring a bell but there’s a lot of new talent going into the event. War Games is a match where teams battle between 2 rings inside of a steel cage. This type of match has not been seen for 20 years so the WWE Universe was ready to rumble. Nxt has grown as a brand from a developmental area to a legitimate show. If you haven’t watched the event yet, stop reading now! This is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Khassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan– 2 giants collide in the opening match of the event. Ohno showing off the athleticism for his size while Lars is showing his speed and power. This match had me saying “Oh Snap” a few times. The cyclone kick of Khassius Ohno takes the giant decimator of Lars SUllivan to the ground. It wasn’t enough, Lars Sullivan hits his finisher the Freak Accident on Ohno to end things.


Results: Sullivan wins by pinfall.

Aleister Black versus Velveteen Dream – Aleister black enters the match on an undefeated streak. Velveteen Dream aims to have black “Say his Name” and acknowledge him as a legitimate competitor. The match starts with a great entrance b black, rising from the shadows. It’s a battle of polar opposites where the darkness meets the vibrant light of Velveteen Dream. This match was the battle of the mind games where you have back and forth combinations and one ups from both sides.  012_NXT_11182017ej_2096--ce0c6569c62a2bdcd458fde3e4fdc59c What makes NXT so refreshing is that these athletes are raising the bar and bringing out move rooms. This match was highly entertaining from the trolls to the devastating moves and execution. I;ve seen some great moves like the Death Valley Driver and the Roll the Dice. The crowd doesn’t lie and they were letting the performers know how awesome the match was.


Results: Aleister Black retains his undefeated Streak, but Velveteen Dream gave him a run for his money.
NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way – After Asuka vacated her championship for her ascent to the main roster of raw, there was a series of matches to determine which women would compete for the title. The winner of the Mae Young Classi, Pirate Princess Kairi Sane, Iconic Peyton Royce, Ember Moon and the crazed Nikki Cross are the women stepping into the ring. One is guaranteed to leave with the title and become the face of the NXT Women’s Division. All 4 women had different strengths: Peyton is the flexible technician, Kairi is the entertaining hot head, Ember is the strong high flyer and Nikky is the unhinged x factor.  019_NXT_11182017ej_2714--f5b533f4319f18b372c3de20318048b7  This women’s match was fantastic and had everything that you would ask for. My heart was pounding as each woman covered one another looking for the 3 count. One of my favorite matches of the night because of the high skill level of the competitors.


Results: Ember moon wins by the eclipse stunner on Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce! The new NXT Women’s Champion!

NXT Championship Match- The Men’s championship match was between champion Drew Mcintyre and Andrade Cien Almas.   025_NXT_11182017ej_4139--f6d460d9dbeefe44c7952bbf9918ccdb  With controversy and Zalina Vega interfering in the match, Drew had his back and his title against the wall.


Results: Andrade is the new NXT Champion. Wins by Pinfall.

War Games Match –  The Wargames match is a match where 2 rings are put together and a steel cage surrounds the competitors.  1 person from each team starts in the ring and every few minutes another team joins in from the outside cages, at random.  033_NXT_11182017ej_5253--29a445b7ab93fbacc45cafa934f52d2d  The great thing about this match was that it didn’t officially start until ALL 9 wrestlers were in the ring., which means that even though you were outnumbered, you didn’t have to worry about losing the match until all 3 teams were in the ring. At one point it was an advantage because Undisputed Authority was the first team together in the ring against, Roderick Strong and Eric Young. Next Authors of Pain were released to help Roderick and last Sanity made their way to the ring. This match was fantastic as Killian Dain of Sanity started through weapons like tables, chairs and trash bins into the ring before he got in and locked the gate.

The match was total anarchy with each team trying to destroy each other. There’s so many great moments that all I can say is GO AND WATCH! If you skip all other matches, the main event Wargames match is one that will be remembered. 20171118_NXT_P_MainEvent4--484a0beeef3d7051be65c0ff0e07a517

Results: Adam Coleeeee BayBay! Undisputed Era Wins by pinfall.

Final Thoughts: I have really enjoyed the War Games event and it makes me excited about the future talent to hit the main rosters in WWE. Some of the highlights for the night were:

  • The storylines and build up to the matches are really amazing. At the end of the Aleister Black match, as he traditionally sit in the middle of te ring, he uttered one phrase to the defeated Velveteen Dream… “Enjoy Infamy… Velveteen Dream!” The NXT roster are putting up quality selling of the moves and rivalries.
  • The characters that are created by the NXT stars are top notch. The commitment to their roles and profiles is definitely as good, if not better than most main roster superstars.

I feel really good about the Survivor Series match! If it is anything like the Wargames event, we are in for a great weekend of WWE!

Did you watch wargames? Which matches stuck out for you? Are you going to be watching Survivor Series tonight? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Image Credits: wwe.com/shows


  1. This was such a great event!!

    I am a big fan of the Black/Dream story, this was SO GOOD! I am so invested and hope it’s not over. Pls become a tag team now! Velveteen Dream is a star in the making, and it’s amazing how he got his gimmick over. Awesome match, my favourite last night. Because it had everything – athleticism, storytelling, great spots.. I can’t believe Dream is only 22 years old 😀

    The War games match was another highlight. Just a chaotic clusterfuck, but super enjoyable! Sanity were my heroes, Dain is so STRONG!

    I loved the fact that they made Andrade Cien Almas the champ. He deserved that by playing such a cool heel. And I am a big fan of his manager. I wonder who he will feud with next… I have my hopes up for Johnny Gargano, but it’s probably this Adam Cole guy. ( I never watched him in RoH or anywhere else.Same as with his 2 buddies so they don’t do anything for me.. not yet,I need to see more)

    Women’s match was great as well! I was hoping for Nikki or Ember to win, because I feel they deserved it most (I actually wanted Nikki to take it from Asuka..). So I was very happy with this outcome.

    Hope Survivor Series is just as great!

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