The Rise of Online Gaming

Video Games have always served as a means of entertainment. The rapid growth of the video game industry has changed the way that we view the recreational hobby. Now video games can be used to teach lessons, talk about moral values and relieve stress or tension from the everyday world. One of the fastest avenues in video games is the rise of online gaming!

Video game developers are changing with the needs of the consumer. We, as players drive the trends that are hitting the market and the online gaming community is one of the largest in the world today. Posting on forums, reddit and also submitting feedback to the developers directly has helped to improve the gaming experience for all. Take for instance Betas.  for honor  Developers are more frequently releasing Betas of their games and it is predominantly for online multiplayer games. This way gamers can try the game and tell the developers what is missing? What should be changed? And most importantly, what they love about the game.

Mobile and Social games are on the rise as well. One of my friends recently told me that she didn’t think that mobile gaming was a true form of gaming. Yet, she had to apologize for her bias as now she sees the appeal and is hooked on a mobile game now. The great thing about mobile games is that they encourage you to make friends and play with others (mostly from your Facebook page). Mobile gaming allows you to share your scores and receive perks if you have friends that also play the game. The increase of this social aspect in mobile gaming can shows nontraditional gamers why online gaming is popular.  Recently, I myself have been impressed with the mobile games. You can have just as much fun gaming on your phone as on a console or PC.

Remember hearing that you cannot make a career out of gaming? Or hearing that you need to get up and find a job because video games will not pay the bills? Right now, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry with gamers really making a living off of doing what they love best; playing video games. You can go to school for game development, make your money via mobile apps or play in online tournaments to win prize money. Popular games like Dota, League of Legends and Call of Duty host multi-million-dollar tournaments throughout the year. imageedit_5_2082544926 Sponsors are getting in on the action by making products that appeal to gamers like equipment, gaming gear and snacks that you will need to keep playing. This is another source of advertising and revenue which benefits both the players and the companies. Sites like and allow players to buy into tournament ladders and play for a prize pool. You don’t always have to travel to make money in gaming.

The great thing is that Youtubers, Streamers and Professional Gamers are treating video games as a career. They are setting schedules, putting in the time and practice and staying true to their fans. Professional gamers are making real life decisions and choices to better their brand. Responsibility, working hard and sticking to a schedule is being taught to gamers who want to build an empire. Not everyone makes it, but it’s a skill set that is easily transferable to the real world.

Online gaming is now one of the aspects that developers focus on primarily. This is both a great thing and a not so great thing. Video games should come in all varieties and appeal to different sets of gamers. While I am one that looks for the online multiplayer part of a game, not all gamers are interested in running and gunning in Call of Duty. some really enjoy the story and campaign modes. So, while online gaming continues to skyrocket and explode the video game markets, let’s not forget about the single player, mobile and puzzle games that will keep you busy when you are not able to get online.

What do you think about the rise of online gaming? Are you a console, PC or mobile gamer? How do you feel about the professional gaming scene? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

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