WWE Raw Recap 11/13/17

Happy Tuesday Novas! Last night was the Raw before the Survivor Series PayPerView event where Team Raw will meet Team Smackdown for a battle of supremacy. The shows before the events are always some of the most entertaining and last night was no exception. Let’s get into the recap of the night and if you haven’t watched yet, this is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** Stop reading now or there will be spoilers. Let’s get to the highlights!

Stephanie Mcmahon starts the show belittling Kurt Angle about Survivor Series. She brings up his choice of the final RAW Men’s spot going to his son Jason Jordan and how it is favoritism.  Before uttering the words, “You’re Fired” made famous by her dad, the Shield interrupts with Roman reigns returning as well. They back up Kurt and his role as GM since Wrestlemania. 010_RAW_11132017dg_0294--24dfedeb606d556060e701a8769e3a1e

The banter between Stephanie and Roman Reigns was fun with Stephanie asking Roman “Where the hell have you been?”And Roman replying “ I should be asking you. We haven’t seen you for 6 or 7 months. Why because you went through a table?” Putting Rollins on the spot. This triggered the reprise “Or should I say because your husband put you through a table.” I was dyingggg lol.As predicted the shield challenges the new day for a fight at survivor series and later through Twitter the New Day accepts.


There was a Triple threat match for last spot on women’s team between Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Bayley. The 4 current Women Superstars on the team watched at ringside while the trio battled it out for the last spot. Asuka, in an attempt to help Dana Brooke was hit by the superstar. This is probably setting up a feud of Asuka vs Dana after Survivor Series. Let’s be honest, Asuka shouldn’t be helping anyone. That’s interfering with the match.  015_RAW_10172017cm_0414--cc3427f6902294577d18e17bbdb3a1f5 Results: Bayley wins (which I wanted to happen) and now Raw Women’s team looks stacked to take on the Women of Smackdown!


Tozawa and Kalisto vs Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore was up next. It was the battle of the chants. Drew Gulak is on another campaign to take a stance. This time he’s behind the “No Chants” movement. If you remember or watched 205 live, Gulak was the captain of the “No Fly Zone” campaign as well. Well he’s in the wrong match for that as both Tozawa and Kalisto had the crowding chanting “Ha” and “Lucha” throughout the match.   034_RAW_11132017dg_0489--1655ec3aea0fbea05d3097dff85fd011 Results: Enzo and Gulak win off of the quick thinking of Enzo and the assist by Gulak.

I love that this is the opposite of Enzo’s career legacy. Normally, Enzo would lose matches due to sneaky moves, but now he is the one dealing out the L’s. Badaboom, Enzo and Gulak in the room… How You Doing?


As the talented blogger Deezango pointed out, WWE has been really pushing more backstage promos and action. Kurt was backstage setting up matches for the night with survivor series participants. He needs to make sure that the team is in tip top shape as his job is on the line. The matches set up were Joe & Balor in a tag team versus Gallows & Andersen to teach teamwork, Jason Jordan versus Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt to show Stephanie that he is prepared and  when he gets to Braun, the Monster Among Men shuts up the GM demanding his match with Kane. There’s nothing Kurt could say about his request so the main event was set!


Jason Jordan versus a returning Bray Wyatt was a match set to show Jordan’s resilience. Jordan puts on a convincing display, but he injures himself midway through the match. The crowd starting chanting thank you Bray for the injury and the cheap shots at the end of the match. I want to like Jason Jordan so bad, but the character is super annoying. He really needs a revamp and soon.

Results: Jordan wins but Bray gest the last laugh.


Brock Lesner and Paul Heyman address the match now with AJ Styles. Heyman expressed his admiration and respect for AJ Styles, but of course he’s still backing the Beast Brock. Brock didn’t say much as usual and just sat there smiling and flexing.

The Shield versus Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro was up next. This match was the first time the shield fought in a match together in 3 years.  093_RAW_10172017cm_2538--17746670892301577b06b1a8c709188f  Remember, they were supposed to debut together in a sanctioned match at No Mercy, but Roman Reigns was out sick. The match was everything you would expect, entertainment, power moves and dirty tricks by both the shield and miz and friends. Even the assistance of the Miztourage could not help save the match for the Miz.

Results: The Shield takes the W and goes into Survivor Series with momentum to face the New Day.

Side Note: The crowd was not booing Roman as loudly as they normally have. Admit it people, you’re happy he’s back :p. shield--32e03c48badb905b1a8cc2404ccf4cf7

Kurt making the announcement of Jason Jordan not being about to compete because of injury. He steps out to name the 5th member and replacement. After a sob story from Jason, Kurt has a hard time announcing the replacement so… THE GAME Triple H comes out! Jason gets a pedigree “Oh It’s true, It’s Darn True!”


Finn Balor and Samoa Joe versus The Club Gallows & Andersen. The match starts with Joe being annoying and pushing Finn -_-.  After the tense start, the match went pretty smoothly for Finn and Joe. Joe protected Finn in the match a few times, although Finn assumed he was the target (I mean who wouldn’t?).

Results: Finn & Joe Win! But in true Joe spirit he didn’t wait to get his hand raised with Finn at the end.

The main event was between Braun Strowman and Kane. Strowman asked for the match after being attacked by the big red machine at No Mercy. It’s time for revenge! The match was pretty good. Both issuing hard blows to each other and setting the stakes higher each time. The match ended with Strowman performing a running powerslam and crashing through the ring. 20171113_RAW_S_Kane--88f401b159b84d54e6211ba8abb43532

Results: The show ended. Yikes!

That’s the recap of RAW! I will watch Smackdown tonight to see the final placings and matches that need to be decided (United States Championship & Women’s Championship). This Saturday my predictions for the Survivor Series match will go up! What are your thoughts? Are you Team Raw or Team Smackdown? What are your predictions or thoughts on WWE at the moment? Let’s talk WWE!


-Luna 🙂




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