You Should Try…Arrow!

Power up players and novas! I hope November is going really well for everyone. So NaNoWriMo is going really well and currently I am expected to finish the novel by November 28th, 2017 if I stay on the course that I am currently writing. I can already feel the pressure as my mind is circling thoughts of “Is this story good? Will anyone like it? What if this is for nothing? Etc.” I’ve been pushing those thoughts out of my mind and powering through although I have many doubts. Personally, I think the process of pushing through and completing your goals, no matter the results is the best part of this writing challenge. On to the topic of today’s post. We’ve all had friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances telling us that we should try watching a show or playing a game. I’ve been more open to playing games that I initially have no interest in and trying out shows that have been recommended to me over the years. This segment will probably go out every 2 weeks, detailing the activity that I have tried.

This week I will be talking about a series that was recommended. This show has been recommended to me a few times over the years. I finally listened to my friend Xsanie when I was on vacation last month. The topic: You Should Try… Watching Arrow!


Arrow is the show following DC Comics character, Oliver Queen. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Oliver was a privileged kid who grew up in Starling City. The Queen’s own a large company and contribute to Starling city as one of the “It” social families. Oliver was reckless, he was selfish and he was “The Male Lindsey Lohan.” How could this billionaire bad boy turn into a vigilante against crime? A new death experience of course!

My initial bias of Arrow – We know that Netflix and the media have been revamping comics and superhero movies for a few years now. I initially confused Arrow with the Green Lantern and had no interest in watching another jaded superhero battle his demons and criminals.

After Episode 1 – After watching the pilot episode of Arrow I noticed that there was a pretty good underlying story. I found myself not much interested in the vigilante fighting crime, but in the flashbacks to see exactly why Oliver became the Arrow. This curiosity fueled my need to binge watch the first season of the show. Each episode a problem was presented, it was solved and a new question emerged. Great way to get someone hooked!

Honor Thy Father

After Season 1 – I’m invested in Arrow now. I will continue watching even though there are a few things that annoy me about the show. Look out for the season 1 preview of Arrow next week.


Final Thoughts: Arrow is a great show and I can see it’s appeal. You do not have to have knowledge of the comic to enjoy the show. I really enjoyed that all of the questions presented in the series, were answered before the end of the season. I was pretty annoyed with Laurel’s character. Her facial expressions were exactly the same whether she was angry, confused, happy etc. I also didn’t like her character and what she would think about situations. Then again, I’m more of a villain person anyway.

Have you watched Arrow? What shows have you been recommended to watch? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂


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  1. I’m the opposite my friend, it’s because I love the Green arrow comics so much, I actually don’t really enjoy the show… the character bears only a passing resemblance to his comic book persona bar names of characters and places. Ollie in the comics isn’t the morose sullen character that’s being played out on the small screen, he’s actually more jokey and the quips come thick and fast as the arrows from his quiver! That said, I’m really glad you’re enjoying the show… I mean, you can never have too much DC!!

    1. Yea I’m a novice with comics lol. I haven’t read the comics so I didn’t have any idea who the green arrow was lol. I figured it would divert from the comics though. The series tend to do that from the shows that I have watched. Oh yea, Justic Leagure this weekend!!!!!

      -Luna 🙂

  2. Oops! Haha I left my comment before I finished everything i wanted to say, so sorry for the double comments on this post! 😛
    I’m so excited for you that things are going so well for you during NaNoWriMo! That’s amazing and you should really be proud of yourself and the dedication you’ve put into it. It’s no easy challenge and for you to be kicking so much ass on your first time participating is just utterly fantastic. 😀 Well done!

    1. No problme at all. Thank you! I’m writing now when I have downtime at work. The story is coming along really well :). I read your update post last night and I am glad that you are staying positive! You can do it, I know you can!

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