The Joys Of Moving

Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday!

I am so excited to finally say that I will be moving this Tuesday! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! excitement I am over the moon with excitement as you can tell by my Ned Flanders gif.. It’s kind of like the excitement a kid may have on Christmas morning when they know as soon as they wake their little foggy eyes open that Santa had come the night before to drop off everything they asked for in their “Dear Santa” letter. It’s weird to think that my excitement now is lightning years away from when I was younger. I mean, I am excited about having a washer/dryer and an actual, real kitchen in my apartment! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO??!??

Anyways, we all know moving can be stressful, sweaty, a bunch of work (for us lazy people) and downright exhausting. If you’re like me, (instead of actually packing like I am supposed to be), you’re looking up relatable memes to laugh at…


For most of us, packing is the easy part. You’re just throwing or neatly ‘throwing’ things into a box. For the rest of us, packing sucks, like really, really sucks. It’s like the equivalent of going to school on a Monday. I hate packing as I typically tend to forget where I put everything and then cry because I can’t find it. I’ll find my headphones in a few days I guess…crying meme

Packing forces you to go through EVERYTHING you own. Half of the stuff you are packing away, you probably haven’t seen in a few months to maybe even a few years. Who knows why you have eight of the same black T-Shirts in the closet??throwingthings

Of course, after endless hours of constant packing, you then have to clean up the mess that you made from packing and the mess from the items you just packed…Plus there is cleaning the walls, vacuuming all the floors, dusting, sweeping, wiping down door handles and a whole bunch of other nonsense!


Don’t forget, you’ll also be unpacking $$$$ from your wallet as moving comes with a lot of extra charges like buying a crap ton of boxes, cleaning supplies, new doormats, bubble wrap, labels for packing, sharpies, a new toilet plunger and god only knows what else.

losing money


My excitement when I wake up on Tuesday and get the keys for my new place!

moving day

If you are like me, you won’t be lifting a finger when it comes to heavy lifting. You’ll just be in charge of pointing out its new home in the new place. Hopefully my boyfriend already knows this…

pointing where it goes

I pray on everything that our new couch fits in through the front door or else I will witness my boyfriend morphing into Ross and screaming PIVOT at everyone around. We may or may not have forgotten to measure the front door before getting the couch..


If anything, I’ll just build a box fort to hide in when I start to get tired and lazy. My bet is that the fort is up and running 2 hours after going up and down the stairs of my second story apartment. 🙁

box fort


Alright guys, once I start actually move and unpack, I’ll make sure to upload the second part of this post for you guys to read! I feel like a Zombie with just a few hours of sleep and a sore back. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and had a laugh! Until next time…



  1. Hahaha, good luck with moving!! I hope you survive it 😀 And nothing gets lost, broken etc! It’s a good time to move, just before the Christmas period, so you’ll be settled by then 🙂

    We want to move next June, but it will be easier, as we don’t have lots of stuff. I only moved overseas 4 years ago and just with one suitcase so that’s actually a good thing now lol

    Moving out of my apartment back in Germany and selling almost everything I owned was much harder.. but worth it in the end.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully the packing gods will be on our side! We don’t have as many boxes as we thought we did, just a plethora of laundry bags! I can’t believe you only moved with one suitcase! Hows that even possible?

      1. Haha, well I cheated a bit, my parents send 2-3 packages over as well. The hardest part was selling all of my books! Everything else was alright. Kinda made me realize, that I don’t need so much stuff… I do appreciate everything I have so much more now as well.

  2. Woo! Congrats on the big move! 😀
    I couldn’t agree more about how much packing sucks! haha It’s seriously the worst. I love unpacking though. It’s just so fun setting up your new place and deciding where everything should go.

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