Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

                                     Hello Everyone! Happy November!

November for most states, is a time of change when the weather starts to drop in temp and the leaves fall from the trees in all shades of reds, yellow, and browns but if you are like me and live in Florida, we get none of that. I get to enjoy the change of season by either watching it on my phone or the TV (*sighs sadly*). 


I am so excited for today’s post! Nintendo has recently released news about their newest mobile game app, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which is set to release sometime this month! animalcrossing1

The game will be free to download for Apple/Android users with in-App purchases. Players will be able to create and manage a unique campsite for all of their animal friends to enjoy! I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty awesome and different from most other games on the market already! The game will feature special events and will have updates through the course of the game.

Now, I only know of one person who is playing the Beta version of the game now and I hate them. I mean, I don’t hate them but like really, really, really, really dislike them. mineYes, I am super jealous of them and even thought about stealing their phone so I could play and for it to be ALL MINE….. But I think they live in a different state now and that seems like a lot of trouble to go through, so I think I’ll just wait.

Pocket Camp will give players the chance to build furniture, create fun amenities like a Merry-go-Round or Half-Pipe for animal friends to enjoy, decorate your campsite and camper, gather fruit, collect bugs, make friends and earn rewards, and so much more! Whoo that was a lot to list. Basically, you want to have the coolest and most popular campsite so that way you and all of your animal friends can enjoy it together! As of now, you can pre-register to receive updates of when you will be able to download the game. Don’t worry, I have already pre-registered a few days ago!newanimal.png







I will be downloading this as soon as it releases and will totally post about my experience, my camp, and all the fun I am having with this game. I haven’t even played it yet and  I already think it will be the best ever! I use to play Animal Crossing when it came out for the DS and the Wii so this will be interesting to have it on my phone. If you want to pre-register or learn more about the game, you can visit their site Animal Crossing here.

If you have any thoughts or are already playing the game, let me know in the comments down below!


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