WWE Monday Night Raw 10/23/17 recap and thoughts!

Happy Tuesday Novas! I’m currently on my way to the airport to fly back home from my vacation. I feel like this has been a great month for wwe so I’ve decided to post my thoughts on last night’s RAW episode! Mild spoilers below so if uou havent watched yet, this is your official **SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!**

Last night was the RAW after the exclusive TLC payperview. Typically th3 shows before and after the events are the best because there’s so much leading up to and after the event. This week’s episode did not disappoint as the show started with general manager Kurt Angle talking about his match and the preceding nights festivities. Kurt was interuppted by the Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Curtis axle which had everyone standing on their feet. Why because we knew Seth and Dean would come to interfere which is exactly what happened.

After the banter and short brawl angle made a 3 on 3 tag match with Miz, Shemaus and Cesaro versus 2/3 of the Shield and special guest AJ Styles! The match was really good and pretty well executed. 

  Mixing up things with AJ was a great idea. Aj, Seth and Dean won only to be demolished by Kane at the end!

Kane sets to take Brauns place by declaring that he wanted competition and who do you think came out? To slay demon Kane I can’t think of anyone better then a demon king! Finn Balor answered the challenge and put on an entertaining match. This is a great look especially since the Bray vs Finn match has been a bit stale. 

It was a night of rematches where you saw Jason Jordan vs Elias Samson and a confrontation of Micki Names and Alexa Bliss. We also had a women’s triple threat match where Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia crazy Foxx battled for the Raw Womens Captain slot for survivor series! Surprisingly,  Foxy won and now team Raw will be team crazy and I’m excited!!! We had a special 5 on 5 Cruiserweight tag match where team Kalisto took on team Enzo. Since Enzo lost his voice, Drew Gulak did the intro and it was pretty funny. The teams were Kalisto, Mustafa Ali, Rich swann, Cedric Alexander and Grab Metalik versus Enzo, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Ariya Davari. I’m so in love with the idea of cruiserweight getting more prime time air time and I hope the wwe universe is taking notice. These athletes are tremendous and their high flying moves are very entertaining! Also, th have a great story line at the moment. 

 We even had a visit from Shane McMahon ramping up for the Survivor Series event (one of my favorites) where team Raw will take on team Smackdown Live. Last year was pretty much a sweep even though the men’s match was gifted to Smackdown Live.

Riding that wave of salt, Shane interrupted Kurt when he was going to announce team Raw men superstars for survivor series. Shane can from the crowd with team Smackdown and placed Raw #undersiege! This was a fantastic move as Shane let Smackdown Superstars run rampant through the RAW locker room and jump the RAW talent (let’s n honest they have to jump them because they’d lose 1 on 1 lol). 

Shots were fired and I can’t wait to see what happens on smackdown live tonight!

All in all this was a fantastic night of wrestling. Smackdown Live is sure to be excellent as well as I am anxious to see if Raw retaliate after last night’s assault. Survivor Series is shaping up to look fantastic with champions versus champions and then the traditional Survivor Series match. Who do you think will be on RAW and Smackdowns rosters? Let’s talk wwe!

-Luna 😁



  1. Oh, I love that you are doing recaps!

    That last segment with the Smackdown team just going nuts backstage was everything I could ask for! Shades of Attitude Era! And I always felt like they should do more Backstage segments, Interviews etc. I am not a fan of super long In-Ring Promos. But they are finding a good balance!

    Foxy is awesome, right?! They should just let her do her thing, she has tons of charisma and is one of the best talkers out there.

    I like the idea of Demon King vs Demon Kane πŸ™‚ Everything that gets Finn away from Bray, it’s just not working.

    1. Thank you! The past month of wrestling has been really good so I had to do recaps the last 2 weeks lol. Yea, back in the day we had all kind of shenanigans backstage so seeing the siege by smackdown was really good. I like Alicia crazy foxx, she brings a good dynamic and she can actually wrestle. My brother was surprised and I was like, have you never seen her??? She has talent lol. Yea I’m over the Bray and finn feud so club vs club was a great twist. Happy about raw in all! Thanks for reading 😁

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