Happy Friday Players and Novas!Β  I hope everything is going well! Today’s post will be a short update on what’s going on with myself and the blog! It’s the Burger of The Day post, if you will lol.

Vacation: Firstly, I’m on vacation lol. I’m currently typing to your from my friends living room (because she’s still asleep) in Illinois. Now I’m a Floridian so being in Illinois when it’s pretty cold to me is crazy. But hey, I promised her that I would visit to go to Six Flags and Fright Night with her (doing that tomorrow). I’m a little skeptical because I am used to the high end Halloween Horror Nights and Howl O Scream events, but I’m sure I’ll have fun either way (If I don’t freeze to death lol).

Patreon:Β I know I mentioned starting a Patreon account in the Bloggers Thoughts: From Players to Professionals post last week. Well that dream is a reality now. The Patreon Page is live and you can help support the blog if you wanted by clicking here. Also, if you have any ideas for the page I’m happy to hear them!

Upgrades: Does the site look different to you? We received our first sponsored post a few days ago. With the earnings, I upgraded the blog to Premium and now we have access to better themes. It’s a work in progress but I’m upgrading the look and feel of the site (it looks wayyyy better on mobile now). How does the new theme look?

NaNoWriMo – The outline is complete for my story that I’m going to be working on during National November Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo) and I’m debating on posting snippets of the story here during the month of November. Let me know if that would be a good idea. I’m writing the story of a journal from medievel times, following the life of a royal court and a Princess. The journal’s going to be written from different perspectives as it winds up in a few different character’s possession.

Upcoming Posts: This coming week we will have posts coming out that I have been working hard on.

Saturday 10/21/17 : WWE TLC Preview and Predictions! 20161114_TLC_Logos_rendered--39a157fbe4ce365b2bc8b62f00db7a18

Sunday 10/22/17 : Memoirs of a Villain: Bowser! Bowser

Monday 10/23/17 : WWE TLC Recap & The Short Story Challenge Week 3!

Tuesday 10/24/17 : Luna’s Rankings: Best Video Game Villains!

Wednesday 10/25/17: Fortnite First Impressions! fortnite

Thursday 10/26/17: TBD

Friday 10/27/17 : Still Star Crossed Series Review! still star

That’s what I have planned this week, assuming that nothing changes at the moment! Are you working on any projects? What do you have scheduled this week? Are you looking forward to any of the posts? Let’s talk!

-Luna πŸ™‚









  1. I can’t wait til the Halloween festivities here in FL either!! My sister, cousins, & I are doing House of Horror at one of the malls here and I’m way too excited!
    OMG I WISH I WASNIN Illinois! Have yet to see snow!
    & last, Still Star-Crossed actually reminds me of a series I watched on Netflix before CALLED Star-Crossed, so I’m really hoping this is some kind of continuation of that series b/c I was devastated to see that it was cancelled!

  2. Hey, there! <3 I'm liking the new look of the blog. πŸ˜€
    Congrats on finishing the outlining for NaNoWriMo! That's a big step and should definitely help you blow through your word count goals throughout the month since you've got it all mapped out. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I’m really happy with how the site looks now. Hopefully, I admit that I am starting to get a bit nervous about the whole Nanowrimo thing lol. How have you been?

      1. Aw, no worries! I’m sure you’ll do great, and it’ll be a great writing/learning experience no matter the outcome. πŸ™‚ I didn’t make the word count my first shot at NaNoWriMo, but I learned a lot during the process. You’ve got a really good start already having your outline done, so that will really help, too. My best advice would be not to stop to edit even the smallest details. Just keep writing and moving forward. You can always edit later. That’s my biggest hang up I have a hard time with. I’m sort of obsessive about wording when I’m writing and it tends to make me backtrack a lot. Another thing that helped me was breaking it down so that I had a certain goal of how many words I needed to write that day or that week to be on track. I wrote my number expectations out on my dry erase board and crossed them off as I reached each goal so that I had that constant visual reminder. Also, if you get stuck at a certain point with writer’s block or something just skip forward and fill in the blanks later. This is just a first draft anyway and you’re aiming for that big word count at the end of the month. It can be hard too since it’s in November and there’s usually a lot going on for people with the holidays coming up and whatnot. Best of luck though! I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully! <3

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