Luna’s Rankings FT. Emily: Horror Games!

Happy Tuesday Players! We have another cameo by our favorite graphic artist, Emily and twice this week! Emily is an advent Horror Gaming fan so I wanted her to help out with this week’s Rankings post! Let’s see what her favorite Horror Games of all time are and list them from worst to best! It’s a top 10 list today so hold on to your seats and don’t open the door with the blood running down the side!

10-  Clock_Tower_1_Game Clock Tower was one of the first survival horror games I played that did not offer any type weapon for protection which is why this game made the list. This was a new concept that stressed me out when playing. Basically, you are a helpless girl trying to escape from an unstoppable creature that is fixated on killing you with a huge pair of scissors.  The only way to protect yourself is to hope you found the perfect hiding spot.

9-  FEAR_DVD_box_art F.E.A.R is unique video game that couples a first person shooter game with survival horror.  You are part of a Special Forces team called in to contain a supernatural phenomenon. This game makes the list because it avoids predictability with the source of horror coming from a ghostly little girl that resembles the character from the movie The Ring and if that’s not scary, I am not sure what is people.

8-  outlast Outlast Trinity contains all 3 outlast games. Although these games were released a while ago the trinity option is fairly recent. Outlast is a psychological horror game that takes place in the remote mountains of Colorado in an abandoned Asylum. The game mixes science and religion to produce a terrifying journey when trying to find your way out. This game made the cut because, well… why not? Tell me something scarier than an abandoned Asylum other than bills…I’ll wait…

7-  dead space Dead Space, you just made the list because this is probably one of the most uneasy games I’ve played so far. This game take place in 2508 and Earth is now uninhabitable causing humans to explore other planets for resources. A man made spacecraft designed to track planets and extract their resources has saved the earth by bringing back the resources year after year. However, this mankind saving spacecraft has just sent a distress signal resulting in earth dispatching a team to investigate.  Once you land on the spacecraft under investigation there is no way off because you damaged your own spacecraft in the process, you soon realized the ship was abandoned, but why? This game leaves you scared to find out more but with the pressure of mankind’s existence on your shoulders, can you really refuse?

6-  silent hill 4 Silent Hill 4 is a horror game that also contains mystery. You play as Henry living in South Ashfield Heights which is just a short ways from the town of Silent Hill. You wake up one day to realize you are trapped in your apartment “number 302”. Now at first, not having to go to work or socialize sounds great but when you realize there’s no cable it’s time to try and find a way out. After being trapped for a few days with no success in escaping, a hole appears in the bathroom wall of the apartment and Henry decides to take the risk of exploring it only to find out the “portal” leads him to different worlds where he witnesses the murders of people who are stuck in corresponding realms just like him.

5-  Silent-Hill-2-2 Silent Hill 2 is one of the scariest Silent Hill installments I’ve played for numerous reasons. The game takes place in the town of Silent Hill and you play as James Sunderland. Although his wife died years ago he receives a letter stating she is waiting for him in their “special place” located in Silent Hill. All places in the beautiful thriving town of silent Hill is their special place which confuses James but sends him on a journey to find his wife. After realizing the town is no longer the same, there is no turning back but the scariest part of the game is encountering Pyramid head which is a huge humanoid monster with a metal pyramid as its head. Pyramid Head pursues you throughout the game and attempts to kill you on numerous occasions but when you’re not encountering him you’re stuck in town with a dense fog and a static radio that goes off whenever a creature is near you but to make it worse, you can’t always see where the monsters are or where they’re coming from. If this doesn’t raise your anxiety level I don’t know what will.

4-  resident_evil_2_claire_and_leon_by_evanodinson-d6uztty Resident Evil 2 take place in Raccoon City  2 months after Resident Evil and was released as a 2 part game with the ability to play as Leon S. Kennedy the rookie cop from the local Police Department or Clair Redfield a college student looking for her brother Chris Redfield. After arriving in Raccoon City they soon meet up unexpectedly to realize the city is infected with “monsters” they decide to make their way to the Police Department for protection but it turns out they’re all dead too… or at least walking around looking for a snack. The way you came into Raccoon City is no longer an option for a way out so now it’s up to you to locate another way to leave the city with occasional help from Leon or Clair depending on who you select to play as. Of course puzzles are incorporated into game cause who wouldn’t love to solve a puzzle while trying not to be eaten by zombies?

3-   silent hill 3 Silent Hill 3 is another well-known video game that was part of my childhood and responsible for about half of my nightmares growing up. This game takes place 17 years after the first game Silent Hill and you play as Heather. The game starts with her running an errand for her father at a shopping center but the real fun begins when she falls asleep at a restaurant and dreams of Silent Hill. The distorted reality of Silent Hill soon takes over the mall forcing Heather to try and find a way out while learning something new in the process. The series itself is so amazing that when the newest addition “Silent Hills” was cancelled, devoted fans took it upon themselves to create video games like Visage and Allison Road that are inspired by the Silent Hills PT.

2 –   resident evil 3 Resident Evil 3 in my opinion is one of the most popular installments ever released within the series. The first half of the game takes place 24 hours prior to Resident Evil 2 while the second half takes place 2 days after. You play as Jill Valentine (my wife) from Resident Evil. The mission is to escape Raccoon City…alive, if possible.  This game makes the list because of the enemy that pursues you, NEMESIS. NEMESIS-T Type also known as “Pursuer” is an experimental form of a tyrant created by Umbrella Europe.  Basically, he was created to prove that anything infected by the T-Virus can still retain its intelligence by following orders; he is then programmed to eliminate all S.T.A.R’s members in Raccoon City during the outbreak a.k.a you. NEMESIS makes it really hard to succeed at multitasking as you try to escape the city while defending yourself from him as he pursues you throughout the game leaving no place safe (well… except the safe room of course). Ultimately, the kind of stress experienced in Resident Evil 3 makes it the very definition of horror within a video game.

1 –   Resident_Evil_1_cover Resident Evil is probably one of the most iconic horror games ever created… ever. You have the option to play as Jill Valentine (my wife) or Chris Redfield; both are part of the Alpha team unit searching for the Bravo Team who disappeared in the middle of their mission. This game takes place in the forest located in the outskirts of Raccoon City. After searching the forest and being attacked by dogs you take refuge in a nearby abandoned mansion. With the dogs roaming outside, you and the rest of the team are trapped inside. Right after entering the mansion you hear a gun shot and you are ordered to investigate only to discover a “monster” devouring someone. The creepy dead hunger filled stare the monster gives when slowly looking back at you will convince you that you are the hamburger he imagines you to be. The only other way out is solve the puzzles and survive the booby traps designed to keep a dark secret locked away. I placed this game number 1 simply because this game was released back in 1990 which allowed me to grow up with the entire series, making it one of my all-time favorite video games.

Emily’s Honorable Mention is Five Nights At Freddys!

Those are Emily’s rankings fr her top horror games! Do you agree with her list? What titles did she miss? What are your favorite horror games? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂




  1. Great list! but it’s sorely missing Resident Evil 4, the game is an outstanding entry in the series. I also love Resident Evil: Code Veronica ( my personal favourite) and The Evil Within. 🙂

  2. Awesome list! 😀 There’s a really cool horror game I *tried* to play but couldn’t called Amnesia. I experience vertigo from time to time and certain games seem to trigger it and amnesia made me sick just watching while my ex played it. Which sucks because I really wanted to play it! lol Hope your week is going well! <3

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