WWE Hell In A Cell Recap

Happy Monday Novas and Players! Last nght was the Smackdown Live Exclusive Hell in the Cell event. It took place in Detroit, Michigan and boy was the crowd as rowdy and fired up as you would expect! Definitely one of my more enjoyable Smackdown events so let’s jump right into the matches as they occured!

New Day vs The Usos– As promised the 2 tag teams raised the bar again by having a tag team Hell In the Cell match. Not even 10 minutes into the match before the crowd started chanting “this Is Awesome!” Here’s why! Big E Speared Jimmy Uso out of the ring and into the cell. This came after te Usos jumped over the ropes to collide into Xavier Woods into the cell. We seen Francesca’s family as the usos were hit with 2 trumpets, 1 cowbell and a gong. Who says the New Day are not entertaining? Kofi was outside of the cell watching the Usos demolish his team, at one pint watching the homage to Rikishi where Wood’s face met Jimmy’s rear end. The moves were large and fit for a main event in my opinion, great way to open the show!

Results: The Usos win the Smackdown Tag Team titles by the Double Uce (Splashes from the top rope) to gain the pinfall. The Usos are 5 time champions!

Rusev Versus Randy Orton– This match didn’t catch my eye too much. It was a battle that was tough and brutal. This match was just not that interesting to me. I watched the entire thing but yet I have nothing to write about it.

Results: Randy Orton wins with the RKO and pinfall.

United States Championship Match– So during the kickoff show, Tye Dillengerapproached Daniel Bryan and asked to be inserted into the match. That’s right, we had a triple threat match for the United States Chanpionship. At the start of the match, Aj and Tye teamed up against Baron Corbin, all the while the crowd was chanting “Where’s Your Briefcase?” This was a theme that continued as Corbin cotinued the match. As expected, Dillenger and Styles used their agility and speed while Corbin used his size and strength. This triple threat included great combinations of each Superstar using their signature moves. I really enjoyed the match. Highlight of the macth, Corbin heckling the hecklers “Yeah but she’ll go home with me buddy!” rofl. There were plenty of “Oh Shoot!” moments in this match. Great job to all 3 Superstars. The crowd at one point stood up and clapped for the sequence of events in the ring.

Results: The phenomenal forearm saves the day and… BARON CORBIN SWOOPS IN TO PIN TYE DILLENGER!!!! You read it right, Styles hit the finishing move on Dillenger, but Corbin ejected Stles from the ring and pinned Tye for the title. Great match!

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship – Wrestling Royalty Natayla takes on the Queen Charlotte in a dream match. Of course WWE will try and pit a “Hart” versus a “Flair” in a sort of legacy match! This reminds me of royal days where feuding families would carry on for generations. At first glance there were a few botches by Charlotte. This is her first title match in a while so I think she may have been a bit riled up.

Results: Charlotte wins by DQ. Natayla started beating her with a chair and got herself disqualified. Because it’s a title match, Nattie keeps her title smh.

WWE World Championship Match- Nakamura showed off some new moves in his radical entrance. I don’t know what it is but Nakamura’s entrance is like being at a concert. The WWE Universe sang along with the Violin as the artist perfrmed beautifully. Nakamura has a great awareness of the ring. Everythings so smooth as he litrally dances around the ring. Mahal is using his brute strength to slow down and incapacitate the challenger.




I loved the New Day’s outfits. They are promoting the UpUp Down Down YouTube channel which is smart.

Seeing the more serious side of the New Day that’s been brought out by the Usos give them more credibilit as a legitimate tag team.

The crowd reactions to the excellent execution of moves and their chants!


  1. I’m not suprised that Corbin won and that Nakamura lost. They still want Corbin in the mid to upper mid card because they still see him as a potential main eventer. Since they’re going to tour india Mahal is all but guaranteed to be wwe champion until the new year but now they have fucked up their main event picture.

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