Spooky Story Time

Another submission for this week’s challenge! Check out Sincerely Incognita’s “Extraterrestrial” response!


Shout out to Luna from GamersUnitedGG for coming up with this guest blog challenge. This had me raking my brain on how to get my word count down low enough to meet the qualifications for this challenge and I’m STILL 25 words over. Haha. See the prompt below and enjoy!

Prompt: You are transported into a video game where you are inside of a Haunted Mansion. You hear a strange noise and open the door to find what?

I didn’t know where I was or how I got here, but I knew for sure I couldn’t deny the opportunity to conquer this haunted mansion. A light shove on the door proved adequate enough to send the typical creaking sound of old construction squealing through the house. I was just thankful I didn’t need to roam around the yard looking for some secret key to open the house. Clearly this wasn’t…

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