Favorite Video Game Duos!

Happy Friday Novas and thank you for reading today’s post! A duo is a team of 2 that, when working together, creates a fantastic tandem! Duos work well individual, but when they team up the results are impeccable and that’s what today’s post will highlight; Video game duos! I’ve compiled the responses from our blogging buddies and we’ve come up with our favorite gaming duos!

Baird and Cole Train (Gears of War)-


The duo of Baird and Cole Train in the Gears of War franchise is one of my favorite all time duos in video game! Baird is the sarcastic engineer while Cole Train is the charismatic brawn of the Gears. When they are paired together on 2 Player missions, the banter between the 2 is one for the ages! Cole Train points out the obvious while Baird uses his cynical views on the depleting humanity to try and lighten the mood. This duo works well because you have the classic mix of Brains and Brute that makes a winning combination every time!   tumblr_ops5myZgHb1u7skpbo2_500  What’s even more fantastic *Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert* is that both characters manage to survive all of the series of the franchise, something must be going well for the 2!

Now let’s here from some of our friends. Guys, who do you think makes a great video game duo and why?

The Last GuardianKim from Later Levels takes an interesting approach to the question!


In The Last Guardian, you take on the role of a young boy who awakens in a strange cave with Trico. Your initial attempts at helping this mistreated creature get you slammed at a wall and knocked unconscious; but slowly he starts to become used to your presence, even accepting some food and letting you pull bloody spears from his body.

Over time the protagonists learn more about themselves and each other, even finding a way to communicate, and their relationship is one built on trust. When Trico can’t move because he’s scared of the stained-glass eyes dotted around the environment, it’s up to you to smash the artifacts to pieces. When you’re trapped on the other side of a canyon, Trico mewls at you to give you the confidence to make the jump and catches you before you plummet.

The bond depicted in The Last Guardian is one of the most believable bonds between a human and animal within a video game, and this is what makes the boy and the creature such a great duo. Everybody needs a Trico by their side.

Sam & MaxKevin from The Mental Attic touches on a classic theme.


A dynamic duo from the LucasArts archive that is often forgotten is Sam & Max, Freelance Police, despite that thanks to Telltale Games, they had a successful outing well past the demise of LucasArts itself, with three seasons of adventure games that you can only describe as zany, if not completely and utterly bonkers.
Sam & Max have been through everything together and they keep each other in check. Without Sam’s steady hand, the psychotic white rabbitty thing Max would surely destroy the world on a whim, but what is truly interesting and which the Telltale games showed was that without the murderous lagomorph, Sam becomes a brooding violent detective, crossing the line from hardboiled to truly vicious.
The Freelance Police are both functional(ish) but together they’re stronger, making up for each other’s weaknesses and keeping the insanity levels to tolerable levels, though nothing can ever contain the power of Max’s sarcasm.
We all could use a Sam in our lives to keep us in check and make sure we don’t do something profoundly stupid, but you know what? I could do with a little buddy who just cracked me

Banjo & KazooieLuke from Hundstrasse regards a duo that can trust each other.


I may have been late to the party having only taken the reins of these two for the first time earlier this year, but I can see why the bear and bird known collectively as Banjo Kazooie are well regarded as one of the best duos gaming has to offer. They form a single combined entity; Banjo merrily bouncing along with Kazooie safely tucked in his backpack ready to pop his legs out at the seams and role reverse at a moment’s notice.  kazooie  There is an unparalleled trust as Banjo carelessly drops on to his back in the knowledge that Kazooie will bear the burden and catapult them into the air. It’s an excellent demonstration of creative character design that shows why Rare was such a powerhouse developer at the time.

Ratchet & ClankChris from Overthinker Y has some fun with a classic pairing.


A Lombax in a world with no more Lombaxes. A war mech who just isn’t cut out for war. A ton of planets needing to be saved from diabolical evil. It’s a combination for the ages, and the pair of Ratchet and Clank have to be one of the archetypical odd couples of gaming, having now saved the galaxy in more than ten adventures across fifteen years. Clank’s your logical but occasionally gigglesnarky robot who helps Ratchet traverse the world with his jetpack, while Ratchet just wants to use lots of very big and very ridiculous guns to blow up lots of stuff. It’s perfect!

Notable Classic Duos

  • Mario & Luigi
  • Sonic & Tails
  • Shrek & Donkey

There you have it, some of our favorite video game duos! Who are some of your classic video game duos and why? Let’s talk video games!

-Luna 🙂








  1. Banjo & Kazooie have always been close to the heart, but I also loved Max & Monica from Dark Cloud 2 fame. That game went down as one of my favorites of all time and I only played it last year! Game was packed full of charming characters but being able to control the two of them made me feel so much more connected to them. Weirdly enough this is the second time I’m talking about Dark Cloud today…

    1. Seems like that game made an impression on you! I’ve never played it but I definitely get where you’re coming from. Some games are fantastic simply for the character profiles. Thanks for stopping by! :)… Oh why were you talking about Dark Cloud earlier, ‘m curious?

      1. Ah! A fellow blogger was talking about Yo-Kai Watch on Twitter, which is made by Level 5, the developers of the Dark Cloud series. I was throwing it out there how awesome it would be for Level 5 to come out with a similar action RPG for Switch 🙂

      2. Oooo ok! My brother’s friend is really into Yo Kai at the moment. He collects the pops and little figures, also the cards and watches the show. I’ve never watched but it’s been recommended to me before.

  2. Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2?
    Also, I know I mightve commented before on your best of GOW post about the books, I havent played any of the games after 1, but read the whole series by Karin Travis. The backgrounds Cole and Baird come from was very well done. Dont know if they give you any sence in the later games, but Cole used to be a thrashball player, his nick name was the Cole Train(i am thinking thrashball was prob a kind of american football thing), hence the bulk. Where Baird was training to become an engineer, he went against his parent’s wishes to go further with his studies and joined the army to piss them off further, this was before all hell broke loose with the grubs… thats how he knows quite alot about how stuff works…

    1. Welcome back and I remember! Yea it is told in Gears of War 3 you actually can unlock Thrashball Cole. We revisit his hometown and stadium and you can play on the Thrashball field. It’s pretty fun becuase they added a dodgeball mode to kind of pay homage to Cole’s past. The game did a great job of even showing Cole Train on the snack boxes when you were on the convenience store level called Checkout.

      Baird’s story was revisited slightly, but we learn more about his past thorugh the banter and snarky remakrs that he makes both during the cut scenes and when you’re roaming around. The implementation of releasing information outside of a cutscene was pretty epic. In my opinion it helped with the character development and really alowed the players to get to know the character’s personality. 😀

      1. It’s definitely worth it. They have bundles out as well where you can get the entire bundle and they’re backwards compatible.

  3. Really enjoyed this !
    For me Banjo Kazooie tops the list, a large chunk of my childhood was lost on their first two games and they’re the main reason behind N64 being my all time favourite console. A really simple, paint by numbers platforms but it had some great ideas for its time, and held up really well against the more popular Mario 64
    I’d also put Nathan Drake and Sully/Elena in there. Hard to choose between Sully or Elena, but whichever pair you controlled you ended up caring for them like they were real people. Funny quips, sly insults, but my favourite thing was how they grew together throughout the games becoming like family (or actual family in the case of Elena)
    Great list though, agree with all of tjem1😀

    1. Thanks! Yea banjo and Kazooie were my favs. It’s funny the N64 is my favorite console of all time as well. Thanks for commenting! I haven’t played uncharted but I know of the relationships that you are referring to.

  4. Awesome post! I was so glad to see Banjo/Kazooie make your list. 😀 I have played that game so many times over the years and it seriously never gets old. 🙂 I really like Sonic/Tails too (even if Tails led to a lot of lost rings in those special stages in Sonic 2.) 😛

    1. Lol thanks! Yea sonic and tails and banjo and kazooie are classic duos! It’s always fun to relieve old school games. When Xbox made banjo kazooie an arcade game, I bought it immediately lol. 😁

  5. Banjo Kazooie was one of the first games I ever played, a total classic! Most of the games I play there are characters that I think of as duos, but I don’t know if any of them would actually count. Dandelion and Zoltan from the Witcher series and Alistair and Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins would be my particular favourites if they counted. Also, Sully and Drake from Uncharted.

    1. They definitely count! While they may not be defined as duos in the game that you are playing, the tandem still makes for an exciting game and game play! Thank you for commenting!

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