Opinion Post/Poll: What do you like?

Hiya Novas! I am sitting here wallowing in miseray and trying to pre plan posts for next week and I just had a though to myself. ” I wonder which posts do you guys enjoy us posting on the blog? I have a few series that I love to write about, but I’m curious as to what you guys think.  thinking   If you wouldn’t mind helping me with my research, please comment below on the types of  posts that you really enjoy reading from us!

Ultimate TKO Series – The Ultimate TKO Series was my first bit of outside of the box writing on the blog. Each week I would pit 2 characters from 2 different games, stories, universes, movies etc against each other to see who would win this Fanfiction battle!

Memoirs of A Villain The Memoris of a Villain posts are journal entries from some of my favorite villains. I write as if I’m that person and I make up a story as to how, why and what the memoir would be, if they were to write one!

Netflix/Series review – Posts about the newest shows on Netflix or Game of Thrones!

First Impressions – The First Impressions posts are my mini snippets of a new game thoughts. It’s not quite a full game review (not like I do a full out review anyway lol) but it’s a taste of the game after a few hours of play.

WWE Posts- I loveeeeeee WWE! My predictions and Preview posts are a regular before each event, but should I add more WWE content?

Collaboration Posts- When I incorporate ideas and answers to questions with others! I like to collaborate with other bloggers and also my friends outside of writing.

Creative Writing Posts– These are my short stories and poetry posts. It’s pretty much my outlet as a writer when I’m feeling especially creative.

Hidden Treasures Posts- Hidden Treasures was another one of those early posts in whicl I would try and highlight a show, game or item that I thought was underrated. (I’m actually thinking of revamping this post to include interviews with others).

Throwback Posts- Those nostalgia posts about everything from the past! Games, TV, Movies, etc!

Discussion Posts- More interactive posts where we talk about games and stuff!

These are some of my favorite posts, but tell me honestly, What would you like to see more of on the blog? What are some of your favorite posts? Let’s talk!






    1. Awesome thank you for the feedback! WWE is awesome and I am already working on my predictions post for Hell In A Cell this weekend! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  1. First Impressions I think Luna, I spend so much time reading and writing about comics that I sometimes neglect my gaming addiction 🙂 So it’s great to have your thoughts on upcoming games.

    1. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback Agent! First Impressions are pretty fun so I think I may invest in playing games within the first month that they are released! I would love to create First Impression posts witin the first 2 weeks of a release but I should start with a realistic goal first lol.

    1. Thank you Ellen! Right now the Memoirs of a Villain post are my favorite. I like getting into a character’s head and writing down their thoughts. It has really helped personally with my character development writing :). Thank you for the kind words as always, you rock!

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