5 Amazing Co-Op Video Games You Should Play With Your Friend

Check out The Game Freak Show’s top 5 co-op games that you should play!


We love playing games because of how enjoyable they are and how we as a player can get lost in the world of a game that we play. But 2 is always better than 1 and thus we have Co-op Vidoe games. Co-Op video games have been around in the industry for a long time and they still have a really good market when it comes to sales and revenue. There is nothing you can complain about if you play a good Co-op game with a GOOD friend.

Today we are counting down 5 best Co-op games you should play with your friends

5. Army of Two

Image result for army of two

Army of two deserves the wait and buzz all around it. It is a true one of a kind experience when it comes to looking out for your buddy in the middle of a war. – MEGamers

The slick presentation and intensely fun…

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