Happy October Everyone! More importantly, it’s October 3rd

Mean Girls

I cannot lie when I say that I have been waiting to post this since about a week ago. Not only is this one of the most iconic and remembered lines from the movie Mean Girls, it’s also one of the most relatable moments for teen girls everywhere. I mean c’mon, we all remember that intense, euphoric, butterfly feeling that we got when we saw our Middle/High School crush walking down the hall or whispering something to us in English class…

Plus, who doesn’t love Lindsay Lohan?

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Anyways, I am so excited for what this Fall Season has to bring! All I can think about is candy, leaves falling from trees, light breezes, scary moviespumpkin flavored everything, maroons, blacks, purples, and of course HALLOWEEN! My goal for the month of October is to post at least 3-4 times a week this Fall/Halloween season…

I get a little crazy when it comes to the Holiday’s so I am super pumped! I have so many ideas on what I want to write, make, and share with you all! I may even try to bake…*cue scary music*.

All month long…

So far we are three days into October and I have already watched the Addams Family Movie on Netflix , worn two sweaters (keep in mind, I live in Florida), made a frozen pumpkin pie cause I am too lazy to make one from scratch and have made Halloween inspired Disney Ears for Mickey’s Not So Scary (I’ll post pictures sometime this week!). I feel like I am off to a Spooktacular start!

Can you tell how excited I am??





  1. Haha I’m so with you on all this Halloween excitement! 😀 And yay for all the pumpkin spice goodies!! *drools* I just got some mini pumpkin spice scones from the bakery the other day. Sooo good. And I’ve been all about the pumpkin pie ice cream. Still haven’t gotten to have any actual pumpkin pie yet, but it’s only a matter of time! 😉
    Great post! <3

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