Luna’s Rankings: Racing Games!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for reading this week’s Rankings post! This week I will go over my top racing games of all time from worst to last.  Feel free to comment on your top racing games as well!

Cruisin’ USA-  Cruis'n_USA_for_N64,_Front_Cover This was the very first racing game that I can remember playing. I played this game in the lobby area of Wal-Mart back when they had the arcade machines and actually closed lol. I remember my brother Kenny and I would jump in and drive through the different places in the United States.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – Need For Speed has been one of the prime racing game franchises in the game. There’s been over 10 Need For Speed Games however, the Hot Pursit game did somethign that no other racing ame did; It allowed you to play as the POLICE! This was fantastic! My friends and I would split into teams of Cops and Racers and play! The best part was that the cop cars had perks such as Spikes and Oil spills that you could use to bust the racer.

This game was FANTASTIC!!!

Mario Kart Double Dash- Double Dash was the sequel to the phenomenal Mario Kart 64 game and was released on Gamecube! Double Dash added an exciting new element of choosing 2 racers for the race! In Mario games, I always strive to select Yoshi if possible, but now being about to select Yoshi and Daisy made everything even better.  Wiithdouble dash you were also provided with perks for each racer.  mario double  Yoshi and Birdo had eggs that you could use to knock cars off and Daisy and Peach had 3 hearts that would pick up any item that ht the car. Double dash was amazing!

Diddy Kong Racing – A worthy rival for the top spot of best racing game is Diddy Kong Racing. What sets this game apart is that you are able to use not only racecares, but planes and hovercrafts to do the racing!

Timber, Conker and Pipsy wer my favs!

I’ve already sang the praises of Diddy Kong Racing games and you can read that post by clicking here!


Snowboard Kids 2- I still remember waking up on my birthdya to unwrap this game for the Nintendo 64. Snowboard Kids 2 was my very first video game owned! It was all mine and not for me AND my brother. This game was so much fun. You would choose your Snowboard Kid and race through levels on the snowboards. You also had different game modes like trick mode where you would try and gain the most points and time attack. There was also a great story that you would play through.  nancy I’ve always used Nancy, the tomboy… go figure lol.

Mario Kart 64 –   mario kart Did you expect to see any other racing game taking the top spot? Of course Mario Kart 64 would be the the king of the castle on this post. I’m sure Mario Kart at least makes an appearance on anyone’s list! This game was one of the revolutionary games to hit the Nintendo 64 console. Being able to play with your favorite Mario chracters in races and battles provided hours of enjoyment for me as a kid. I can’t sing the praises of Mario Kart 64 enough and quite frankly, I don’t need to. Anyone that has played knows how this game changed racing forever!

Those are my rankings for top racing games of all times! Who would you add to the list? What’s your favorite racing game and why? Let’s talk racing games!

-Luna 🙂





  1. I have fond memories of crash team racing, although I couldn’t actually tell you what sets that game apart from any other kart racer. Maybe just the crash style.

    One I have fond memories of, although I don’t recall it being all that great, was Chocobo Racing on the ps1. I mean, honestly I only really liked it for the Final Fantasy connection. But it used materia as powerup weapons, which was just too cool to me at the time.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah crash team racing was amazing, I forgot to put it on the honorable mention list. I remember playing wave race as well, so many great games and memories 😁

    1. It was really fun to play. Even the story mode where you had to race that giant triceratops and the boss was pretty cool! Thank you for dropping by!

    1. I remember Burnout! As I was making the post I started remembering other racing games that I haven’t thought about in years lol. Thanks for dropping by, we love to hear from the precinct!

      1. There are indeed a lot of classic racers my friend, I tend not to play many racing games though but I have always loved the burnout series, and if you haven’t played Split Second it really is highly recommended! 🙂

    1. Here, Here! Yup, as much as I love the other games on the list, I just couldn’t see myself putting anything above Mario Kart. It started a new generation of gaming and the Nintendo Franchise is the best at the party game types! Thank you for commenting!

    1. Ooooooh I REMEMBER OUTRUN!!!!! I forgot about it and the Game Gear to be honest. I had a Game Gear for about a week or 2 before we traded them in for Rollerblades rofl. Thank you for stopping by Kim!

  2. Need for Speed Underground 2 probably my all time favourite! Forza Motorsport 3, and Burnout Revenge also come to mind too. Currently enjoying Mario Kart 8 on the Switch 🙂

    1. Yea, NFS Underground 2 was fun. I’ve never played a Ford’s game so it didnt make the list this time. Mario Kart I is super fun! Thanks for dropping by 😁

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