Memoirs of A Villain: Billy The Puppet (Jigsaw)

“Welcome readers! Do you want to play a game? The premise of the game is simple, try and piece together why I started finding players for my “Jigsaw” puzzles, by reading this memoir. Win and you get to survive. Fail and let’s just say that you are the next contestant for my madhouse. Ready?

When I was just a stump, I had a great life in the Isylum Amateur Mountain forest. It was a great living, watching the daredevils take life by the hand and dive off of the mountain with no care in the world. I’ve overheard many talking about how they are losing the high adrenaline thrills that they first had when looking death straight in the face. That’s when I knew that they wanted to be challenged, they wanted the fear, they needed it.

One day a different type of person came to the mountain. He was timid and  trying to talk himself into diving off the cliff, so I helped him. I revealed my voice and spoke confidence into this weary soul. After his dive, he thanked my by chopping me down and giving me a body. He took care to polish and mold me. As he worked on my body, we talked about how fulfilling live felt after he tested death. How being a strong person and Conquering his fears made hime a better person. Then Jigsaw and I concoted a plan, to make the world a better place. We would make people Realize how precious life really is!

Ashley Burke will be my first love for as long as I can remember. Jigsaw and I found her at a bar one night. I can still remember the first time I set eyes on her. She was hustling a gentleman at the bar, asking for a cigar and another round. She was a mess. I was sitting on the edge of the table staring at this beautiful creature plummeting into the depths. Her hair was brown and she had it swept to the side in one long french braid. Her skin was pale and caked with power and blush. Sad. She reminded me of the dolls in the shop down the steet. The porcelain objects that pouted at you and looked happy, but behind their eyes you could see a hollow grave. Ashley was withering away.

After whispering into Jigsaw’s ear what I’d observed that night, we both agreed to help Ashley. We followed her around 3:20am as she stumbled out of the bar. Ashley did not have a car, she walked 3 blocks over and stopped at a Pizzeria to eat. The way she stuffed the ZigZag calzone in her mouht, further solidified that we needed to help her. Afer wiping her mouth she paid the clerk and sarted walking again. We were in pursuit of her until she turned down the dark alley on Main St.  this was ou moment to help Ashley.

Jigsaw left me in the car and I’m not sure what happened, but Ashley was ours. We ook her home and prepared a room for her. I whispered to Jigsaw that I wanted to meet her, talk to her once she regained consciouness. After much persuasion, he finally set me in the room on a tricycle.  billy   Ashley woke up and I talked to her about life, but she paniced and tried to escape. We had to chain her up. And then the most wonderful idea popped into my mind. I wanted her to truly value life, so I asked her: “Ashley, Do you want to play a game?” At first she didn’t understand, she screamed and kicked me off of my bike. When igsaw brough in the a hand saw and picked me up, Ashley started understanding. Jigsaw left the door open and set up a camera so that we could watch her. We left. She went 3 Days without eating

She went 3 Days without eating and drinking and finally decided to get out. Ashley sturggled but her thinned wrists were finally able to stretch enough to pull the saw towrds her. With the tears in her eyes, I’m assuming from joy, Ashley starting cutting hrough her skin to release herself from the chain.  She cried and muttered words that I couldn’t undertsand. All I remmeber is hearing her saying thank you and looking towards the camera. She dragged herself out of the room.

Fast forward 2 weeks later Jigsaw and I tracked down Ashley. She was sober, dressed in a fancy suit and well groomed. We followed her all day to see her going to a job inside of the First National Bank. She picked up her child from daycare…who knew and took her to the park. She returned home and cooked dinner for her family and husband. She must have felt the connection to me because she rubbed her wrist and turned towards the window. But we were gone. All that was left was a bouquet of Yellow roses, and a note wit a single word on it… “You’re Free.”

Did you decipher the clues? Do you know why I really started helpng people? If you do, please respond in the comments. Remember, I’m always watching.

-Billy the Puppet!


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