Happy Thursday Novas! Today’s post will be an update unless I can get some of my other projects completed. I apologize for not uploading much this week, however, I was a bit under the weather so spent most of my time in bed and playing video games.   Sunday is when I normally post my Memoirs of A Villain post, however, that post will not go up until this Sunday. Long story short, I didn’t finish writing it as of yet. My gaming computer was put together Saturday and between that and leveling up on Destiny, I lost track of time lol. Instead of rushing something , I will just update you on life!

Well as I mentioned, I was super ecstatic to finally have my gaming PC. I picked it up around 10pm and have been playing all night and week. I only have a few games at the moment but I plan to buy PUBG, Divinity 2  and H1Z1 Survival soon.  south  I don’t know much about PC’s but so far I definitely have my money’s worth! I haven’t had any issues with the games that I have played and the mouse is awesome and comfortable.

Work has been going great and I’m currently on a new temporary schedule which has blessed me with Saturdays off!!!! I haven’t had a Saturday off schedule for about 2 years so I’m loving the schedule at the moment. Plus, I can now play during the day with my gaming friends instead of seeing them late at night like a forbidden relationaship lol.

So aside from gaming, TV has been a great distraction.  spong The fall lineup is starting and there’s plenty of shows to watch from The Challenge, to The Voice, To Survivor! I’m waiting on Bob’s Burgers and Riverdale early next month to start as well. My DVR is about to be full again lol. I’ve also been recommended 2 new anime shows. the first is an American Made anime on Netflix called Neo Yokio. It’s ok so far but you can tell it’s American made if that makes sense. I will probably do a review on the show when I complete the series. The 2nd is a darker anime mystery called Baccano. I plan to watch this one as well.

That’s my update, thank you for 350+ followers as well! I will resume my normal posts on Sunday starting with the Memoirs of A Villan post featuring Billy The Pupet! You Know the puppet from the Saw movies!  Until then, I will try and reblog some interesting posts that I come across. Have a great week and weekend Novas and we will see you soon!

-Luna 🙂






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