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Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the first PPV event since Summerslam and boy was it one of the most exciting nights in Sports Entertainment! I can say that while I am always happy for WWE events, I was not particularly knees weak bursting with excitement for No Mercy. I will preference the results post to say that personally, this was one of the most put together, exciting nights in WWE! Let’s get to the results.

Intercontinental Title- First up was the Intercontinental Title Macth between defending champion The Miz and the challenger Jason Jordan! This match originated from the Miz’s disrespect and comments for Kurt Angle, Jason’s father. I can say that I didn’t watch all of this match because I wasn’t that interested in it, however, the parts I did view were pretty good. I’m not sure why Jason’s transition to a solo performer didn’t bring his fans from American Alpha, but as I’ve mentioned before, There’s just something about his character that doesn’t connect with me.  jj  Results: The Miztourage comes through and the Miz retains his title!

Finn vs Bray- The Man versus an match was a challenge issued by Bray Wyatt after losing at Summerslam to the Demon Finn Balor. Bray states that Finn can’t beat him, only a demon can so he wanted to face our hero without the makeup. My grievance again with this match is that Bray considers himself a “god” so why issue a Man vs Man challenge. It’s stupid for his image as the Eater of Worlds. Bray as expected attacked Finn before the match rendering him helpless. This match was pretty good as Finn didn’t leave and fought as best he could with high energy kicks and moves.  finn   Results: Finn Balor won!

Raw Tag Team Championship- Defending champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose takes on the Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. This is the rematch between the 2 powerhouse teams with Sheamus and Cesaro trying to stir the pot. For many reasons, this was one of my favorite matches. Aside from my mild obssession with Seth Rollins, this match was everything you would want from the high energy moves to the power and domination that you would expect. The 3rd match issued in the first “This is Awesome” chants from the WWE Universe and it was chanting a few times during the match. Each time these 2 teams fight, there are new moves displayed and it’s a treat for the fans. Results: My husband retains his tag team title! Seth and Dean win, while sending Cesaro to the dentist lol! cesaro

Raw Women’s Championship Match- The fatal 5 way match surprised me just absed off of the sheer skill and performance of the women. 5 star rating for the match alone! Champion Alexa Bliss took on Sasha Banks, Bayley, Emma and Nia Jax. The WWE Universe was pretty loud for this match becasue the women really did a fantastic job! The moves displayed especially by Nia Jax had the crowd off of their feet and screaming!   20170924_No_Mercy_post_womens--70b3e0fe55d42275bd6127df0af1b0e6  Results: Alexa Bliss retains!

Cena vs Roman Reigns- comparison recap between 2 icons. You both suck chants lol.But the WWE Universe was chanting the loudest for this match. We’re not on the mic now John, you’ve got to fight. The matches between John Cena are never something to take lightly. There’s a reason he called out Roman Reigns and tonight we found out why. Cena and Reigns had a  highly entertaining match. From a very personal buildup with some great puns being thrown out , Cena’s a better talker than Enzo! Watch this match, highly recommended!   151_NM_09242017hm_2339--c4d15c8571ec27aefa52866359d0e108  Results: Roman Reigns! Roman beat John Cena!  Did Cena just retire? He stayed in the ring and took a bow before leaving in a dramatic way.

WWE Cruiserwight Championship Match- Neville is set to defend his title versus new cruiserweight Enzo Amore! This match was ok, to be honest I didn’t pay that much attention.   171_NM_09242017rf_4627--9df54e317fdec1d05639b7403283d156  Results: Enzo wins! The new Cruiserweight champion and his first title!

WWE Universal Championship Match- The Champion Brock Lesner sets to battle Braun Strowman. This feud waswhat the WWE Universe wanted to see since Braun first challenged the Beast after Wrestlemania. I was excited that the match wasn’t 2 minutes like Goldberg and Brock’s matches. As expeted, this was the most physical match of the night and it was truly awesome.   191_NM_09242017rf_5200--b985d4891e164b2ba869292a1be516d7  Results: Brock Lesner Retains????? I’m really upset. Honestly, WWE I have no words.



  • The outfits were really nice for this PPV. Sasha Banks always have new flashy outfits but Finn Balor’s colors were a cute Blue and Gray. Also, did anyone notice that Sehamus and Cesaro matched their wrestling attire as well as their cover ups? I quite like The Bar on their backsides lol
  • Excellent Execution of matches all night. The moves weren’t botched and everything just looked real put together in the matches. Of course there are a few slips here and there, but for the most part the performers were convincingly landing their moves!
  • Opening Packages– Part of the appeal of a PPV event is that you do not have to watch all of the episodes leading into the event. This is because the opening packages do a fantastic job of hitting on key points and lining up the match ahead. With the PPV being titled No Mercy, there was a great buildup of animosity in each match. The opening packages further amplified the match at hand.
  • Women’s Division Resurgence- I’ve expressed my love for the Women’s Division match earlier in the post. Honestly, if Smackdown has been killing the game in one area, it’s their Women’s Division. Raw has had a pretty stale division and the crazy this is that they have some of the top women in the game. This match proved that Women of Raw are stepping up their game, possibly in preparation for one of the greatest women in sports entertainment: Asuka!
  • WWE 2K18 Commercial- Listen, Snoop Dogg did a great job on promoting the WWE 2K18 match. I can’t even formulate words, take a look below!

Alright, that’s the recap of No Mercy! What do you think will happen on RAW tonight? Did any of the results surprise you? Why does Brock still have the title? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

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