WWE No Mercy Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s been about a month since we have had a WWE prediction post and that’s because after Summerslam there was a break in between PPV’s just like what happens after Wrestlemania. Tomorrow Monday night RAWs finest are taking the stage! Let’s see what matches are scheduled and I will provide my opinions on who will win.

Raw Tag Team Championship match- 20170901_No_Mercy_tag--6306237aa98adfae93416fc2910d6080 Defending champions and my husband Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are re-watching Sheamus and Cesaro for the titles. These 2 teams, with the mix of the Club Anderson and Gallows, have been fighting each other since Summerslam. The matches have been going back and forth with Sheamus and Cesaro playing true heels and doing questionable deeds during the matches. My prediction is extremely bias and expected: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will retain!

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 5 way match- 20170918_No_Mercy_WomansMatch--ff75c91d4020451334d2e0a437c6acdf What? Didn’t catch Raw the past 2 weeks? You read the tile right, the Boss Sasha Banks take on Goddess Alexa Bliss for her rematch at the belt. Then why does it say fatal 5 way you may think? Well last week bliss and banks were in a tag team match on the same team. If they lost, Kurt Angle said that the 2 women they fought would be inserted in the match. They lost to Nia Jax and Emma. But wait, there’s more! The 5th entrant was the returning Bayley from injury! My prediction: I was going to go with Nia until Monday. Now I think Bayley will be champion!

Universal Championship Match- 20170905_No_Mercy_TOTT_feed--6091fb6a7014d2b23e9dfbf6eb8ea9a1 Challenger Braun Strowman meets the Beast Brock Lesner for the title on Sunday. Last time these 2 met, Braun destroyed him in a fatal 5 way but didn’t pick up the W. Now it’s a straight 1 on 1 match and it’s going to be good (in th3 voice of Booker T). My prediction: if Strowman doesn’t win, I riot!!!! Strowman is ready, he’s dominant and he can convincingly beat Brock! My prediction: Braun Strowman is the new Universal Champion!

Intercontinental Title match- 20170918_No_Mercy_MizJordan--82779d0857db4f1c8aac33f2b7abbded The Miz meets the winner of the 6 pack challenge Jason Jordan for the title. OK I’m a little upset. I loved me some Jason Jordan when he was a part of American Alpha, but this new thing with his dad being Kurt Angle and him being put in all types of high profile matches is annoying. I agree with Miz, it’s like he’s being shoved down my throat. Is this how people feel about Roman Reigns? My prediction: Ughh I hope the Miz retains. But I’m thinking that Jordan will win.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt- 20170901_No_Mercy_finnbray--b186328f1c99ad1cce2ff3aba2661515 We will also have the Man to Man Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt match. This is re-match from Summerslam when the Demon King Finn Balor decimated an unprepared Bray Wyatt. Now Bray seeks to fight Finn Man to Man to prove his dominance? The problem with this match for me is that if Bray is a so called “god or eater of worlds,” why would it matter what form Finn is in? You’re “ALL POWERFUL” right? This match is annoying just on premise alone. My prediction: Finn Balor wins again and hopefully gets a title shot soon.

Face vs Face? Match lol- 20170821_No_Mercy_RomanCena--6cff6b3907e8151579ca0d6e0a0b4c97 John Cena Challenged the big dog Roman Reigns after Summerslam. The match at No Mercy will be 2 Face and polarizing characters versus each other. John Cena has been winning the battle of the mic but we all know that Cena is a talker and Roman is not so that was not surprising. I can’t wait for this match personally just to see who the crowd boos more or if we get the “You Both Suck” chant again lol. My prediction: Roman Reigns should win this match.

Crusierweight Championship Match- 20170901_No_Mercy_nevilleenzo--fd275966fac9d731aa795be010060f0c The Cruiserweight match will be between current champion Neville and new cruiserweight Enzo Amore. What’s funny is that since so many people like Enzo and hated what Cass did, I thought that WWE was trying to bump up viewership on the 205 Live show each Tuesday. But then something funny happened, when Braun interrupted Enzo and stopped his spiel, the WWE Universe chanted “Thank you Strowman!” Now I’m not sure if giving Enzo the belt will do anything for the Cruiserweight division. My prediction: Neville will retain.

Those are my predictions for the No Mercy PPV! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my picks? Do you think anything special will happen? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




  1. I gotta admit I agree with all of the picks except for the Women’s championship. As it stands now the crowd doesn’t seem to like Bayley too much now so giving her the belt won’t be much use unless they turn her or Sasha heel and turning Bayley heel would require her to be repackaged. I think either Nia should win or Alexa should retain.

    1. Yea realistically Nia is going to win and I would be happy if she does. She has been building momentum and I quite like her. Thanks for commenting should be a great payperview 😁

  2. Good picks – I’ve also gone for 2/3rds of the Shield to beat The Bar; I’ve also gone with Neville retaining; Furthermore I’ve picked Braun to win the strap.

    However, I’ve picked a Miz retain, as I think they want to do a slow burn for JJ. JJ is an amazing athlete, but he just needs that “likable” edge to him first. Or, a massive heel turn. Furthemore, I’ve gone with Nia for the win – Similar as the above, although Bayley returning is a big thing, she’s just not yet a huge draw for the crowds. She needs some serious rebuilding; or, heh, a massive heel turn/to be turned on.

    I agree with the Reigns win; I disagree with the Balor win. Whilst Balor is -better- all round, I think Bray needs this win. I think he desperately needs the win and I think they want a rubber match. That said, I’d wager this won’t be a clean win 😉

    1. It would be great if the Miz retains, I’m just not a fan of JJ at the moment. Yea, Nia will most likely win but I love a shakeup and WWE has been known to shake things up every now and then. I’ve been dreading the Sasha turn on Bayley and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in the near future.

      Yea Bray needs a win, but I just want Balor to win. I like Bray, I like his character, but I’m over the feud that these 2 are having.

  3. The No Mercy PPV was weak imo. First half was great… Second half was only okay. Great predictions btw :). Am I the only one disappointed that Braun lost to Lesnar…

    1. Nope. Th whole world is disappointed. It’s Brauns time to win so I was very upset that Braun lost and Nia Jax, I really wanted her to win the Raw Women’s title. I’m excited to see what happens when Asuka joins the Raw Women’s divison!

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