Top Moments of The Week

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for tuning into the Top Moments of the Week post by myself and my friend Nagems! This post will go up each Friday or Saturday and will detail the funniest, weirdest, most out of control moments in our lives each week.

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT???—So we work for Universal Orlando at a call center and we have been receiving an influx of new hires because it’s a busy season for us. This one representative said something that made me cringe. I’m guessing that she could hear the guest’s children in the background and she decided to make a joke saying something like.. “Oh it sounds like your kids are wild, Hahaha…”  Immediately I face-palmed because I knew she was about to get chewed out by the guest.

Why, just Why?

Long story short, she immediately started apologizing saying that it’s a joke because she has kids.

You have to keep it G bro!!! – We had our Team Member preview for the annual Halloween Horror Nights event. When going through the Scarecrow: the Reaping house (which is fantastic by the way!!!!) there were these 2 guys behind my group. I was the person in the back on this house and boy was it funny. This dude kept jumping and screaming higher than my friend Selena who was terrified. At one point he grabbed me and was like, can I hang on to you? At the end of the house he laughed saying he doesn’t know how he will bring his girlfriend to the event.  I turned around and said, “bruh you gotta keep it G!”   stay cool

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid – The raid for Destiny 2 came out and everyone has been scrambling trying to complete it. Before I bought my copy this week, I was shareplaying wth my friend Decaying Senpai on PS4. They put together a group and 2 hours later did not complete the raid. One guy kept dying over and over and over. At one point he died before the round started. I had my mic muted laughing and then one of the members o the Fireteam finally said ” Listen, you gotta stop dying, it’s not that hard.” Called him out in front of everyone. To be fair the guy kept killing himself in the water, it was a little suspect.

These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!! – Sooo we have some new contractors at work as IO mentioned earlier. It’s a bit crazy because one individual keeps walking into my supervisor’s desk and taking a bin to I guess place their feet on. Yesterday, they came to the desk as my supervisor was there and was told that they cannot take the bin because quite frankly they never asked. Fast forward to last night, the individual came back after my sup left and tried to take the bin again!!!! WE stopped them in their tracks and said that we overheard the conversation. These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  out of control

Go Away Big Brother “check up on these new people who need it. Just saying lol.” One individual at work keeps getting called by our workforce team because they are always in after call “taking notes.” If you haven’t worked in a call center, you are supposed to notate while you are on the call to minimize after call work. This person got upset and started saying “Big Brother is at it again.” Noooo you are at it again, why are in your after call and you didn’t even pull up a reservation????

Nagems Top Moments of the Week!

Playing Spicy Uno- The other night, for my friends birthday, a group of us were playing Spicy Uno, you know the game where you lose all your friends… and instead of picking up a card from the deck to play, I asked if anyone could help me out. An array of hands popped into my view and i looked around the room to see who i could trust. I looked over at my best friend and her sly smile and then I see my boyfriend has his hand out as well. Right before I was about to make a decision, my boyfriend pulled his hand back and said ” I can’t do it”. everyone immediately was like “awwww” and started laughing. It was so sweet but funny. 

Yesterday Burns
Megan: *walks into room* Michael why are you sitting at my desk?
Michael: Oh you mean, your unassigned seat?
*everyone in room laughs*
Megan: Thats fine, i’ll just sit next to laquita and look at her beautiful face
Michael: thats good, looking at my face all day is torture
Megan: No, just dating you is…


Queen Petty: I should just quit, hand my Id in and leave..
Megan: Oh, 6 people just said hallejuah in their heads

Sasha: I’m going on break.
Megan: Aren’t you always on break?
Those are some of our top moments of the week? what’s been happening in your life and job? Has anything weird occurred this week? Let’s talk about our top moments!
-Luna & Nagems!

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