Response: Are video games art?

Happy Wednesday Novas! I was reading a post by The Well Read Mage on Monday and it posed the question, are video games art? I decided to create a blog post to this response in 500 words or less. You can read other responses and the initial post by clicking here!

Yes! I believe that video games are indeed art for a few reasons.

Creative team combining music and aesthetics– Film is a type of art can we agree? There’s many video games now that take on the same challenges as films. Is this storyline predictable? Where can I add in bomb graphics that suit the scene and what about the music? All of these elements play a vital role in the creation of a video game. Some of the past Games of the Year have great features like Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age and Skyrim.  

  RPG games have amazing graphics and make you want to visit the world that you are playing in.

A well put together story– art or pieces or art like writing, drawing or even film tells a story. We are in an age now where advanced stories are told and even take on life like situations like in the Life is Strange game.

Art makes you feel something– Video games can make you feel a range of emotions from fear to happiness. I believe that anything that can tap into your emotion should at least be in the conversation of art. In Fable III, I’ve mentioned before the choices that you have to make makes you feel sympathy, anger, joy , etc.

What are your thoughts on video games being considered art? Let’s talk video games!

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  1. i think they are more art than anything else really. why? Well the interactivity can be done in superb ways. Take a game that has you play through key story moments and makes you as a player feel the characters pain.

    1. I agree completely. You are able to relate to games and use them as an outlet as well. I think it will depend on your definition of art but for most mediums video games definitely make the cut. Thanks for dropping by 😁

  2. I agree entirely as well, much like how movies are considered art. I think video games get disrespected as a medium compared to the rest in terms of entertainment and art. Maybe one day as Esports and popularity reaches wider audiences it will be excepted as so

  3. It honestly seems like a silly question to anyone who regularly plays them and/or plays enough of a variety of them to have an informed opinion. I feel as though it’s still a question because games are still a young medium, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was said of comic books when they first appeared on the scene. Since they were initially called “funny papers,” I’m sure they received their (un)fair share of disdain.

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