Luna’s Rankings: Call of Duty

Happy Tuesday Novas! Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video where Chaos ranked the Call of duty Franchise from worst to best. I thought, why not do a rankings post every Tuesday! To start it off, I will of course start with Call of Duty. Each week I will rank a gaming series or genre from worst to best and ask for your lists to join in on the discussion. If you’re read my Favorite Call of Duty Post, you already know which title ranks in first, but what about the rest of them. Let’s start at number 10.

World At War??? – So my list doesn’t include World At War because I didnt really play this title. I mean I played it a bit, but I don’t even think that I’ve played 5 hours of World At War.


Infinite Warfare– IW was the first COD game that I didn’t buy. The game just didn’t appeal to me and after playing the BETA I knew that I wouldn’t like the game because of the movement, and I’m glad I didn’t buy it.


Modern Warfare 3 – Modern Warfare 3 was a pretty fun game until they added the payloads or whatever they’re called. Players just kept droppig the bulletproof vests and wouldn’t die. This game went downhill severely quickly.


Advanced Warfare – I liked advanced warfare. No real complaints, I just liked other games better.


Ghosts– This is where my list may get controversial, I really liked playing ghosts. The only thing I didn’t like was that the characters seemed slower in this COD than any other. The jumps seemed heavy but I loved the Game modes and the maps. I will say that the gun selection could have been better.


Black Ops – Black Ops one was pretty fun but I wouldn’t put it any higher on my list. I didn’t really like he levels or the guns, the only gun I used consistently was the Commando that you had to be like a level 70 to unlock, ughhh. No prestiging on this game.


Blops 2 – Black Ops 2 was the one that started competitive COD for me. My friends and I made a clan, played GBs, it was an awesome time. We even created a YouTube channel and I was able to learn editing so that we could showcase everyone. Black Ops 2 had great gameplay and people died when you shot them lol.


COD 4 – The original Modern Warfare game and my first call of duty. It was pretty fun but I didn’t play it until a few months before MW2 released. This game is where some of my friends and I met.


Blops 3– Black Ops 3 was a really great game.After playing the Beta I was convinced that the game would do well and it did. It’s a great game to play and watch competitively. All I can say is that Blps 3 is amazing.


MW2– Yup Modern Warfare 2 is my number 1 COD game. This was the first COD that I oicked up at midnight and it’s my favorite of all time. The Scar was my weapon and I loved the stages. This is also the first game ever where I started buying DLC.I really want them to remaster this game and bring it back t next gen consoles, so many memories.

Alright that’s my rankings for the Call of Duty Franchise! What’s your order? What’s your favorite COD games? Tune in next week when I rank my favorite Gears of War games of all time!

-Luna 🙂



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  1. I’m not gonna lie if I had to list them off Ghost and IW would be higher. Ghost was just completely underrated and the mode they used to replace zombies was lit af and the campaign was solid. I hated the multiplayer in IW but the plot for the campaign was golden.

    1. Yea I wanted to put ghosts higher because I really did enjoy the game but there were other games that I just absolutely lovedddd. For IW I didn’t play the campaign, I don’t really play campaigns I’m a noob lol.

      1. I really can’t blame you the other COD’s were good and a lot of people skip over the campaign and jump straight to multiplayer so they miss out on the really solid plot.

  2. Never played Cod, my first experience of the Franchise tho, that was the single player campaign on the original Call of Duty. Played it on Playstation and it had almost nooo graphics at all. Still loved it tho. WW2 fasinated me at the time.

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