Game of Thrones Rewind: Season 1 Ep 1-4!

Happy Labor Day and Monday Novas! Sooo.. it’s no secret that there will not be a recap and thoughts post for a while with Game of Thrones since season 7 ended last week. Instead, I have convinced my friend Emily to start watching the series and last night we started watching Season 1. My Monday posts will now be recaps of things that I now notice in the show. I was reading another blogger’s post about re-watching season 1 because of the foreshadowing and boy were they right! Let’s see what I found when re-watching Episodes 1-4 in Season 1! If you haven’t watched GOT stop reading now, this is the official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!!!!***

As mentioned, there is quite a bit of foreshadowing in the episodes. Here are some events that stuck out to me:

  • Dany Being the Rightful Ruler over her brother Viserys – The very first scene we have with Daenarys is her getting ready to meet Khal Drogo. A bath is prepared and it’s very hot as the servant warns, yet Dany gets in unaffected by the heat. She also has her hands bandaged up from burns that I believe are coming from the Dragon Eggs (later in the show you find out that the eggs are hot to any who tries to touch them). Why does this act show that Dany is the chosen one over her brother? Because if you remember, Viserys was in the bath with a woman and she poured the hot wax on his chest… he said “Ouch!”Ā Ā vis Viserys isn’t immune to heat which is a vital component in his house sigil, the Dragon!
  • Bran forseeing that he is going to be the 3 eyed Raven – After Bran’s accident, he began to have dreams of him following the raven.
  • Tyrion becoming the Hand to a ruler– Tyrion is currently the Hand to Dany right? Tyrion was the person to teach Jon how to be a ruler. Remember his first days at Castle Black? He was unbeatable in combat which pitted his comrades against him. Some of his loyal friends wanted to slit his throat at first because of his attitude. Then Tyrion arrived and taught Jon a lesson. Jon said that they were jealous because he was better than them. Ā jon-snow-and-tyrion Ā  Tyrion knocked some sense in him, sarcastically of course, stating that they didn’t grow up learning to fight. Showing Jon that everyone has different backgrounds and shouldn’t be punished for their ignorance. What did Jon do next? He taught them how to fight!
  • Sansa’s Rebellious Behavior- I completely forgot that Sansa was mad at her father Ned Stark, pretty much the entire season because of him having to kill Lady. First off, it was totally her fault for lying even though I can understand why she did what she did, but Ned did all he could to try and save her dire wolf. He couldn’t go against his King’s orders, so he gave Lady an honorable death. I believe that Sansa was more prone to make stupid decisions since she was upset with her father and blamed him for not only killing Lady, but tarnishing her relationship with the Lannisters.
  • Theon’s Possible Betrayal – Lastly, I noticed that something Theon said could be taken as foreshadowing for him betraying the Starks. When he was ordered to kill the dire wolves at the beginning of the season, Rob urged him to stop. Theon said something like, “I take orders from your father, not you” or “I follow your father, not you.” If I’m remembering correctly, Theon betrayed the Starks AFTER Ned was killed. Without the honorable Ned Stark around, it’s very possible that Theon only had 1 thing left to do, impress his real father, because his father figure and head of household was gone.
  • Joeffrey’s Descent- I’ve noticed that even though Joeffry was still horrible, Cersei was telling him that when he is King the world would be how he wants. The truth will be what he makes it. She made him more of a monster with the way she treated him.

These are just some of the things that I have noticed in re-watching season 1. HAve you re-watched any episodes of GOT? If so, what have you picked up on that now makes a lot of sense? Have you seen any foreshadowing? What do you think of my personal interpretations? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna šŸ™‚




    1. I was similar until I gave it a chance earlier this year. I also love medieval type shows so I was told by multiple people that I would love it. It’s one of those shows where you have to get past the first few episodes to get sucked it šŸ˜

      1. I’ve watched a good majority of the first two seasons, I can see the appeal it has but for me it just has no sticking power. I just can’t get into it which people find kind of ironic.

      2. Well everything is not for everyone lol. I live for those kid of shows so it was easy to get me hooked haha šŸ˜

  1. I haven’t rewatched any of the show, but I have been listening to/watching all of the theory videos I can get my ears and eyes on. I planned to reread the books and started the first about a year ago, but I didn’t have time to keep up with it, because I was taking a massive amount of notes.

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