Memoirs of a Villain: Sesshomaru!

The heir to the kingdom of the great dog demon shouldn’t have to put up with a bastard brother in the middle of another scandal. Why must Inuyasha insist on getting involved with these human girls? You would think he would have more respect for our father.



“Yes, Lord Sesshomaru?”

“If I am to be the ruler of the Feudal Era and the world, I will need to start chronicling my ascent to power now. ”

“Of course my lord. Let me get a piece of paper.”

Inutaishou was the greatest and most powerful demon in his time. My father, a pinnacle of excellence and power had 1 flaw; his weakness for humans.”

“Wait, am I supposed to be writing this?” Jakken says. Scrambling for his pen he begins to write what he can remember frantically.

“I, his eldest son and the true born heir to the throne will stop at nothing to take my place as ruler of this world. I will never be as careless as my father and love a human.”

“Stop it Rin!” Jakken screams. Rin is trying to draw on the paper that Jakken is using to write down his master’s words. Just then, Sesshomaru stops and stares at the little girl causing a ruckus. tumblr_oempho8nyF1vhgd6qo1_500


“Lord Sesshomaru?” Jakken questions. But his words have stopped and the blank stare of kindness starts to seep in.

“Yes. The Tetsusaiga is the most powerful weapon and the birthright that I should inherit. Yet, my father decides to give me one last test and not grant it to me right away. I must show my dominance and take the sword from Inuyasha.”

“Oh I get it now, you’re going to explain how you have overcome the hardest test ever and prove that you are the greatest demon of all time, even surpassing your father, right?”

“Quiet Jakken and keep writing.”

“Inuyasha has once again shown why he cannot be a ruler. A great ruler would never let his opponents know his weaknesses. Everyone, even the idiot Naraku knew that Inuyasha would do anything for the human girl, Kagome. I didn’t have to do much to convince him to give up the only thing more powerful than I.

My brother and his band of misfit human companions were traveling through Mt Hakurei to avoid any demons lurking about. The purity of the mountain prevents demons from venturing too far, any weak demons that is. I was able to pass through with no problem. Unaware that I was in pursuit, that naive Inuyasha let his guard down and I was able to snatch his precious jewel; Kagome. As expected, there was little resistance once I threatened her life and he easily handed over the 1 thing that could challenge my power, the Tetsusaiga. My reign has officially begun and I have fulfilled the wishes of my father. Our legacy will persevere. ”

“All Hail Lord Sesshomaru!” Jakken yells as he jumps out of seat. I cut him a deadly glare and he stops, seemingly in the air.

“Silence, you fool! We do not gloat about our power. We show strength through domination and poise. You’d do well to learn that!”

Floating around the table that Jakken is writing on I stop and notice the Tetsusaiga displayed on the wall. My greatest accomplishment, no one can rival me now.

“What’s this?” A tug at my leg interrupts my thoughts.

“Lord Sesshomaru?” A little fairy like voice calls.

“Yes, Rin?”

“I was wondering when you were going to give Inuyasha back his toy?”

What is she talking about? “What toy?” She points to the sword hanging on the wall.

“That is no toy. That is the my brother’s downfall.” I snap. Rin lowers her head and starts twiddling her thumbs. I know this behavior, she wants something.

“What is it?” I ask.

” I was just wondering if you could give it back to him. He needs it more than you because he’s nowhere near as powerful as you are, even WITH his toy.”

“Silence girl. He knows this! The sword is not a toy it is a trophy of his greatest achievement!” Jakken yells. “Lord, I don’t know why you keep this wretched girl around.”

“I don’t know why I keep you around Jakken!”

“Wh-What? Sire I’m sorry I just think…”

“You don’t think Jakken! If you did, you would have picked up on what Rin has brought to my attention. I don’t NEED the Tetsusaiga. if anything, taken it has made me seem afraid of fearful of Inuyasha. You have made me look like a fool, Jakken.” I pat Rin on the top head. “Good job.”

Throwing the Tesusaiga to Jakken I call Rin to my side. “Let’s go have dinner… Jakken, make sure that sword returns to my brother.” Jakken stops n his tracks. “Then you can have dinner.”

I walk out of the room with Rin who has managed to grab my hand as we walk. What good is a King, without his heir and Princess to take over after he is done.”






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